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5 Must-Try Bargaining Tactics at Marrakech’s Souks

Marrakech’s souks are vibrant marketplaces with unfamiliar goods and a tradition of bargaining. Mastering these 5 Must-Try Bargaining Tactics at Marrakech’s Souks allows you to immerse yourself in Moroccan culture, forge connections with local artisans, and bring home treasures infused with the bazaar spirit. Where is Marrakech’s Souks located in Morocco?

Marrakech’s Souks are located in the heart of the Medina, the old city center of Marrakech, Morocco. Mastering the art of bargaining is essential for any visitor to Marrakech’s souks, not only to save money but also to engage in the local customs and traditions. Bargaining is not viewed as a confrontation but as a negotiation where both parties seek a fair exchange. By honing your bargaining skills, you not only unlock the potential to secure great deals but also gain insight into Moroccan culture and forge meaningful connections with local vendors.

5 Must-Try Bargaining Tactics at Marrakech’s Souks

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#1 Do Your Research

Familiarize yourself with typical prices of handicrafts, rugs, or treasures before visiting the Souks to establish a strong base for negotiations.

#2 Starting low and being prepared to walk Away

Offer a lower price than the initial asking price to allow negotiation and demonstrate willingness. Don’t hesitate to walk away if you don’t feel you’re getting a fair deal, as this may prompt the seller to offer a better deal.

#3 Be Patient and Polite

Bargaining in Marrakech is a cultural experience, requiring patience, politeness, and humor to secure good prices. Maintain a friendly yet firm demeanor.

#4 Look Disinterested and Walk Away Casually

If negotiations stall or prices remain high, walk away, pretending disinterest, and browse other shops to prompt the seller to reconsider or offer a concession.

#5 Knowing When to Stop

While bargaining can be exhilarating, it’s essential to know when to walk away. If the price exceeds your budget or the negotiation becomes contentious, graciously thank the seller and move on.

By mastering these five bargaining tactics, you can navigate the bustling alleys of Marrakech with confidence, securing not only great deals but also unforgettable experiences.

How much should you haggle in Marrakech?

To negotiate prices in Marrakech’s Souks, consider the item type, shop location, and the vendor’s starting price. Start 25-50% lower than the asking price, counteroffer multiple times, and aim for a 30-60% discount, depending on these factors.

What do you say when haggling?

ere are some phrases you can use while haggling in Marrakech’s Souks:

Starting the Negotiation:

  • Shukran (شكراً): Thank you .
  • Combien ça coûte? (Combien ça coute ?) : How much does it cost?
  • C’est trop cher (C’est trop cher) : It’s too expensive .

Making an Offer:

  • Je peux vous offrir… (Je peux vous offrir…) : I can offer you… .
  • Ça ne vaut pas plus de… (Ca ne vaut pas plus de…) : It’s not worth more than…


  • Non, merci (Non, merci) : No, thank you .
  • C’est possible de faire moins cher? (C’est possible de faire moins cher ?) : Is it possible to go lower?
  • Je cherche… (Je cherche…) : I’m looking for…

Trying to Close the Deal:

  • D’accord (D’accord) : Okay
  • Marché conclu! (Marché conclu !) : Deal!

Politeness and Walking Away:

  • Bessaha (بصحة): Enjoy!
  • Pas de problème (Pas de problème) : No problem.
  • Merci, mais je vais réfléchir (Merci, mais je vais réfléchir) : Thank you, but I’ll think about it.

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