Details Of Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education

Details Of Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education

With the implementation of the 1951 Accelerated Development plan of Education in the Gold Coast, (now Ghana), the need arose for the establishment of additional training colleges to train more teachers to meet the educational needs of the country at that time.
Abetifi Presby Training College started as: Body Corporate Training College, established on 7th February, 1952, with an initial intake of 30 male students. The late Rev. H. T. Dako was appointed Principal, and the Presbyterian Church in control of management.

On 9th November, 1953, the name of the college was changed to Techiman Training College – Abetifi, because it was originally planned to be sited at Techiman in the Brong Ahafo Region. Attempts were made to relocate the college, but in 1962, a final decision was made to retain the college at Abetifi. The college was therefore renamed Abetifi Training College.
In 1995, the name of the college was changed to Abetifi Presby Training College, but retained its Acronym ABETICO, and the motto “GO FORTH AND SHINE”.
The college was originally started as men’s training college and was sited in the Abetifi town in rented buildings. Opanin Addo Bruce and Yaw Tawiah (both deceased) kindly gave out their buildings to house the college.
A new site was acquired for the college through the benevolence of Nana Adontenhene of Kwahu and the good people of Abetifi. Through the initiative of the citizens of Abetifi under the leadership of Op. Kwame Anane, Opanin Kofi Safo and others, a six unit classroom was constructed for the college. From that humble beginning the college has risen to its present position in terms of infrastructure.
The college initially offered the two-year Teacher’s Cert ‘B’ course until 1963 when it was replaced with the Certificate ‘A’ – 4-year course.
The phasing out of some teacher-training colleges in the country during 1973/74 academic year necessitated the re-location of students from Anum and Wiawso Training Colleges to ABETICO.
During 1974/75 academic year, the college admitted for the first time, seventy young men to the two year post-secondary teacher-training course. Among this batch of students was Rev. Herbert Anim Oppong (former Clerk of General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana).
Following a decision to turn the college into a Teachers’ Resource Centre, no more students were admitted into the college during 1975/76 and 1976/77 academic years.
Later, the idea was abandoned and ABETICO became a co-educational institution during the 1977/78 academic year when the first batch of female students was admitted into the college.
The college admitted blind students in the 1982/83 academic year. This was followed by the introduction of the 2-year modular teacher-training course in 1984/85. Both courses were phased out by the end of the 1990/91 academic year.
At the beginning of the 1987/88 academic year as part of the 1987
New Educational Reforms, the college admitted students to start the Teacher’s certificate ‘A’ 3-year post-secondary training programme, with the first batch passing out in 1991.
Presently the college offers the 3-year Diploma in Basic Education Course. The programme was started during the 2004/2005 academic year and the first batch of 225 students who completed their course in July 2007 was graduated during the 55th Anniversary Celebration on 15th December 2008.
Since its inception in 1952, the college has turned out 5,662 trained-teachers of different categories for the educational enterprises of the country.


The College shall become an Institution of Excellence


The college shall produce outstanding educators, researchers, academically sound and socially balanced teachers who are abreast with effective and technological, sound leadership qualities, profound analytic values in a safe and protective eminent with the provision of adequate resources and well managed classrooms to facilitate continuous learning.

List Of Courses Offered At Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education

We have grouped all programmes under the Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education has slated below. This will make it easy for you to find your ideal programme.


First Year, First Semester

No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
1EPS 111Principles and Practice of Education2
2FDC 111English Language Studies2
3FDC 114Integrated Science 1*2
4FDC 119Religious and Moral Education1
5FVA 111Vocational Skills (Arts Related)1
6FDC 112Mathematics (Number and Basic Algebra)2
7FDC 118Social Studies1
8GNS 121HIV/AIDS Education1
9FDC 113Ghanaian Language and Culture1
Total Credit        13

First Year, Second Semester

No.       Course Code        Course Title                                          Credits
1EPS 121Child & Adolescent Development and Learning2
2FDC 121English Language2
3FDC 122Mathematics(Geometry & Trigonometry)2
4FDC 124Integrated Science 2*2
5FDC 128Social Studies1
6PRA 121Music and Dance1
7PRA 122Physical Education1
8FVH  121/122Vocational Skills (Sewing)/Catering1
10FDC 123Ghanaian Language and Culture1
Total Credit13

Second Year, First Semester

No.Course CodeCourse Title           Credit
1EPS 221Educating Individuals with Special Needs2
2FDC 224Integrated Science 3*2
3FDC 218Social Studies1
4FDC 222Mathematics (Further Algebra)1
5EPS 211Principles and Methods of Teaching in BasicSchool2
6GNS 211Introduction to ICT1
ELECTIVES (Candidates to select one course from 7)
7**PRA 211Music and Dance (Elective)1
PRA 212Physical Education (Elective)1
FVH 211Vocational Skills (Sewing) (Elective)1
FVH 212Vocational Skills (Catering) (Elective)1
FDC 212Literature in English (Elective)1
AGN 228Agricultural Science (Elective)1
FVA 211Vocational Skills (Art Related) (Elective)1
FDC 213Ghanaian Language and Culture (Elective)1
FDC 219Religious and Moral Education A(Elective)1
Total Credit10

Second Year, Second Semester

No. Course Code            Course Title                                            Credits
1EPS 222Trends in Education & School Management2
2PFC 222Methods of Teaching Basic Mathematics2
3PFC 228Methods of Teaching Social Studies1
4FDC 214Methods of Teaching Science2
5GNS 212Methods Teaching Issues in HIV/AIDS Education1
6FDC 211English Language (Methodology)2
7GNS 221Introduction to I.C.T1
ELECTIVES (Candidates to select one course from 8)

PRA 221 Music and Dance (Elective) 1 PRA 222 Physical Education (Elective) 1 FVH 221 Vocational Skills (Sewing) (Elective) 1 FVH 222 Vocational Skills (Catering) (Elective) 1 FDC 221 Literature in English (Elective) 1 AGN 228 Agricultural Science (Elective) 1 FVA 221 Vocational Skills (Art Related) (Elective) 1 FDC 223 Ghanaian Language and Culture (Elective) 1 FDC 219 Religious and Moral Education B(Elective) 1 Total Credit              13

*Consist of Agricultural Science, Biology Chemistry and Physics

Third Year, First Semester

No.   Course Code     Course Title                                                      Credits
1EPS 311Introduction to Guidance and Counseling2
2FDC 312Statistics and Probability2
3EPS 312AAssessment In Education1
4EPS 312RResearch   In Education1
5FDC 311English Language2
6EPS 313On-Campus Teaching Practice3
Total Credit                                  11

Third Year, Second Semester

No.               Course                                Credits
1EPS322Off-Campus Teaching Practice (Out- Programme3
2EPS 321Project Work3
Total Credit              6


First Year, First Semester

No.  Course Code     Course Title                               Credits
1EPS  111Principles and Practice of Education2
2FDC 111English Language Studies2
3FDC 113Ghanaian Language and Culture1
4ECE 111Early Childhood Development2
5ECE 112Theory & Principles of ECE2
6FDC 118Social Studies1
7FDC 114Integrated Science 1*2
8FVA 111Vocational Skills (Art Related)1
Total Credit13

First Year, Second Semester

No.   Course Code                Course Title                                     Credits
1FDC 121English Language2
2GNS 121HIV/AIDS Education1
3FDC 123Ghanaian Language & Culture 21
4ECE 121Teaching Methods in ECE2
5ECE 122Literacy Development in ECE2
6ECE 123Mathematical Activities for ECE2
7PRA 121Music & Dance1
8PRA 111Physical Education (Principles and Foundation)    1
Total Credit12

Second Year, First Semester

No.     Course Code      Course Title                                                Credits 
1GNS 211Introduction to ICT1
2ECE 211Professional Ethics in ECE2
3ECE 212Assessment in ECE1
4ECE 213Social & Health Issues of the Young Child1
5ECE 214Environmental & Nature Study Activities for ECE1
6ECE 223Curriculum, Methods & Materials for ECE2
7ECE 215Creative Art & Technology2
8ECE 216Ghanaian Language1
Total Credit 11

Second Year, Second Semester

No.   Course Code                   Course Title                                      Credits
1GNS 221Introduction to I.C.T1
2EPS 222Trends in Education and School Management2
3ECE 221Introduction to Special Education in ECE1
3FDC 211English Language (Methodology)2
4GNS 212Teaching Issues in HIV/AIDS Education1
5ECE 222Creative Activities for the Young Child1
7ECE 224Planning and Administering Early Childhood Programmes2
8ECE 225Ghanaian Language (Methodology)1
9ECE 226Teaching with music, movement and drama1
Total Credit             12

Third Year, First Semester

No.        Course Code             Course Title                                                   Credits
1EPS 311Introduction to Guidance and Counselling2
2FDC 312Statistics and Probability2
3ECE 315Research Methods in ECE2
4FDC 311English Language2
5EPS 313On-Campus Teaching Practice3
6ECE 314Children’s Literature1
Total Credit                      12

Third Year, Second Semester

No.Course   CodeCourse TitleCredits
1EPS322Off-Campus Teaching Practice (Out- Programme3
2EPS 321Project Work3
Total Credit6

Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education Admission

  • The Admission Website Address-
  1. With this PIN, applicants will then visit the Colleges of Education admission website: and follow specific guidelines to fill the online application form.
  2. Applicants should select three Colleges of their choice for their Program and an accompanying Ghanaian Language.


  1. Applicants are advised to read and to ensure they fully understand all related instructions before completing the application form.
  1. Applicants are to note that application forms not properly completed will not be processed.
  2. After completing the online application form, an applicant will need to print a copy which should be sent with one passport photograph and a copy/copies of their results slips (where available) by EMS priority envelope obtainable from Ghana Post nationwide and addressed to: The Principal of the COLLEGE chosen.
  3. Applicants will be notified of the receipt of their applications by SMS (text message) and should therefore provide correct and reliable cellphone numbers when completing the form online.
  4. Applicants will also receive admission offer notifications by SMS and those who do not receive such notifications may understand it to mean that their applications were not successful.
  5. Applicants are to note that the Colleges will cross-check their results from the West African Examinations Council as part of the admission process. Applicants found to have submitted fake or falsified documents in support of their applications will be made to face the legal consequences of their actions.

NB: Applicants should note that the College selected determines the University to which the College is affiliated.

Accra College of Education                                         Peki College of Education                                                         Mount Mary College of Education, SomanyaEnchi College of Education                                             E.P College of Education, AmedzofeGbewaa College of Education, PusigaTumu College of Education                                   McCoy College of Education,NadowliDambai College of EducationGambaga College of EducationSt. Vincent College of Education, Yendi   Al-Faruq College of Education, Wenchi
UNIVERSITY OF CAPE COAST (UCC)                           Foso College of EducationSt.Francis College of Education, HohoeOLA College of Education, Cape CoastKibi College of EducationHoly Child College of Education, TakoradiSt. Teresa’s College of Education, HohoeJasikan College of EducationBerekum College of EducationSt. Monica’s College of Edcation, Mampong-Ash.Atebubu College of EducationOffinso College of EducationS.D.A College of Education, Agona-Ash.Abetifi College of EducationSt. Ambrose College of Education, Dormaa-AkwamuUNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION WINNEBA (UEW)                      St. Louis College of Education, Kumasi                 Presby Women’s College of Education, Aburi.      S.D.A. College of Education, Koforidua                Agogo Presby College of EducationMethodist College of Education, Oda                         Bia-Lamplighter College of EducationPresby College of Education, Akropong-AkwapimKomenda College of EducationTECHNICAL AND VOCATIONAL  EDUCATION AND TRAINING (TVET)                                                 Mampong Tech. College of EducationAda College of EducationAkatsi College of EducationBagabaga College of Education, Tamale                    N.J. Ahamadiyya College of Education, WaSt. John Bosco’s College of Education, Navorong    Wiawso College of Education
KWAME NKRUMAH UNIVERSITY OFSCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (KNUST)Akrokerri College of EducationWesley College of Education, KumasiSt. Joseph’s College of Education, BechemTamale College of EducationE.P College of Education, Bimbilla


Admissions will open on Monday, 25th March 2019 and close on Wednesday, 31st July 2019.

Executive Secretary

PRINCOF Secretariat

Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education Fees Schedule

Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education 2020 / 2021 Fees schedule are to be settled by the student before registration Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education Admission Fees Schedule 2020 / 2021 registration of the academic year. The fees are for the whole academic year but students can be allowed to register after paying a percentage of the fees.

The remaining fees must be paid before the beginning of the second semester.

NB: First years are required to rely solely  on the information on their application letter.

Fees are different for individual programmes. Kindly write to the registrar for more details about the fees of the programme selected.

Or contact the Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education on the following contact details.

Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education Contact Address

Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education


P. O. Box 19, Abetifi

Mode of Payment

  • All bills should be paid to the appropriate account as indicated. NO CASH payment what so ever should be paid.
  • Receipts of College should be presented to the account office.

Please take note that the correct Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education 2020 /2021 Fees Schedule would be updated as soon as they are released by the university. Keep visiting

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