Popular Chinese Male Names And Meanings

Popular Chinese Male Names And Meanings 2022

Chinese Male Names And Meanings – Chinese male names follow a certain trend that is common to Chinese culture. According to the traditions and customs of the Chinese people, male children mostly acquire family names, which come from ethnic groups. Children have names that follow their culture due to the availability of different cultures in the country. This article will highlight the most admired Chinese male names that cut across the whole country regardless of differences in the cultures. The variations and cultural differences will not be taken into consideration when looking at the names.

According to the Chinese way of life, family is the most important element of society. Tracing back, the ancestral roots remain a centripetal part of the Chinese nation. Chinese believe that ancestors bring pride to their families for many years. For this reason, they maintain family names while naming their newborn. This ensures that their culture and their traditions are maintained while retaining the ancestry names.

Before Digging into these names lets look at what most people ask about Chinese Male Names And Meanings.

Is Kai a Chinese name?

In ChineseKai is a very common given name with one of several meanings, most commonly “victory” (凯/凱), “start” or “open” (开/開). Kai is often used in names meaning “start” (啓) in Cantonese Chinese. … In Hawaiian, Kai is a unisex name which means “sea” in Hawaiian language or “ocean”.

What is Kai called in English?

/kāii/ nf. moss variable noun. Moss is a very small soft green plant which grows on damp soil, or on wood or stone.

Is Xin a boy or girl’s name?

The name Xin is a girl’s name of Chinese origin meaning “beautiful, elegant”.

What does Kai mean in African?

•In South African Kai means “Beautiful” •In Persian Kai means “Ruler” or “King” •and in Maori, the native polynesian people of New Zealand, Kai means “Food” (hmm, yummy!) •Caius likely derives from the Etruscan word “cai” meaning “glad”

List of Chinese male names

Here is the list of adorable Chinese names that you will fall in love with.

ShuiLike water
SongPine tree
Wang leiKing; thunder
Wang weiKing; power
Wang yongKing; brave
Bolinbady qb
YanlinBeijing forest

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What are the Chinese boy names that is easy to pronounce ?

chinese boy names easy to pronounce

With the Chinese boy names pinyin, some people find it very hard to pronounce Chinese names. Despite the fact, there are names that are easy to pronounce. Here is a list of Chinese boy names that are easy to pronounce.

Ping: Means tranquil.

Qi: Means arising or wondrous.

Qiang: Means strong or good.

Qiao: Means high, aspiring, and proud.

Qing: Means sky blue.

Qiu: Means Autumn.

Quan: Means a spring.

Ru: Means scholar.

Shan: Refers to hills or mountains.

Shen: Means cautious or deep.

Shi: Means mankind.

Shun: Means obedient and a legendary ruler. These people tend to be great rulers and commanders.

Ai: Means loving. These people tend to be very social with others.

Bai: Means clear or white.

Bo: Means waves. The name also means an elder brother.

Chao: Means surpassing.

Chen: Means the morning.

Cheng: Means accomplished.

Fa: Means to send or to issue forth.

Fan: Means mortal.

Lei: Means thunder. People believe that this person is very strong.

Li: Means plums.

Liang: Means something clear or bright. It also means white.

Ling: Means clever; intelligent or spiritual.

Heng: Means persevering. These people have a great sense of endurance in their lives.

What Chinese male names mean strong ?

What Chinese male names mean strong ?

Various Chinese male names mean strong. Although some do not directly mean strong, they tag to an element that brings out the meaning of strength. Here are a number of them.

Bohai: Means sea waves. They associate with the strength of sea waves.

Gang: Means strong or good.

Gen: Means a root. This is associated with the strength that roots have.

Longwei: Means dragon greatness.

Lei: Means thunder.

Jian: Means very strong and indefatigable

Qiang: Means strong or good.

Qiqiang: Means enlightenment and strength.

Tingfeng: Means a thunderbolt peak

Weimin: Means people’s hero.

Wesheng: Means greatness is born

Xiaobo: Means little wrestler.

Weisheng: Means greatness is born.

Zihao: Means son heroic

Zhiqiang: Means the will is strong

Although Chinese male names vary from place to place, you are likely to find cutest names that are free flowing and tongue rolling. Whether you are expecting to be a mother or you are past child bearing age, the Chinese have names you are likely to fall in love with at whatever age. Depending on the meaning you want, you will get them all. This article has given a variety of names for your child. Do not miss out.

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