Modern African Dress Styles

By | September 24, 2021

Modern African Dress Styles

What are the Modern African Dress Styles ? Fitting Ankara dress , Flare Akara dress , Maxi Ankara dress etc…are the latest trending African Dress Styles For women and female kids in Africa. Back in the days, women wardrobe had limited variations and hence few styles of dresses to rock. Designers similarly did a lot of injustice in propelling this trend on as most did not focus more on creative arts and style for women. Women got very empowered in all aspects of their life and before long the female child was almost forgotten or rendered less significant.

What is Ankara style All About ?

There is no one concise definition of what Ankara is but it basically refers to the native African printed fabric made wears. This may include clothes, shoes, handbag, jewelry, and accessories so long as they are made of the print fabric. Ankara styles have been there since the 19th century only that the popularity was not as it is today.

Factors to consider When buying African Dress Styles

Remember there are your desires on one side and what the market is offering on the other hand. It is not easy to reach to a consensus if you are not decisive enough on what you want. Here is what to consider before purchasing the Ankara designs .

1. Quality

Quality in African Dress Styles for ladies I would advise you look at it in these two ways; quality of the fabric used and the quality of the workmanship put in place to have the end product. If you share my approach, then the wear has to be thoroughly scrutinized to ensure it is flawless. Check for any defects, go at all lengths to ensure stitches are done right, deep pleats and darts are skillfully made, seam have an allowances, properly fitting among other things to consider. Besides, it does not hurt to fit into the Ankara style for women cloth look through the mirror to have satisfaction that indeed that wears is suitable for you.

2. Cost

Cost is obviously a determinant here. If you are willing to purchase some Ankara dress clothing but finances are the issue, then you cannot have that wear. One is only able to buy that which they can afford and is their preference.

3. Season/purpose

Do not just buy for the sake of it; African Dress Styles are a great investment it is worthwhile doing it right. It you are looking for a formal style then that should be different from an informal one. I am glad the designers have incorporated Ankara dress for women into the corporate look and it’s just awesome.

When attending a party, meeting with friends, hanging around for leisure, a less formal look is good. Likewise when going to a business meeting a formal look is advised. Did you know Ankara can have some official wears? Well now you know – reference the West African styles. In understanding the purpose, align the same with body size and structure.

4. Color

Colors tell of a certain mood, emotion, personality or feeling. For instance a female Ankara design 2021 for burial would be different from that of wedding. The latter would be bright and fun filled while for the burial could be dark and less ceremonious. Factoring into account women are somewhat reserved in trying out bright colors, I would advise to pick on some fabric with some bright colors the gradually they will be comfortable with bright colors. Did you know some clothes will look good because of their color not that you have rocked it right? Color makes the world colorful and tasteful. Try out Ankara dress styles for ladies with different colors and color combination is what is left for the masculine to do.

Trendy African Dress Styles

#1. Simple Fitting Ankara Dress
#1. Simple Fitting Ankara Dress
#2. Fitting Ankara Dress with Long chiffon Sleeves
 #2. Fitting Ankara Dress with Long chiffon Sleeves
#3. Fitting Ankara Dress with A Touch of Flare
  #3. Fitting Ankara Dress with A Touch of Flare
#4. Flare Ankara Dress
#5. Off Shoulder Flare Ankara Dress
#6. Maxi Ankara Dress

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