Top 100 Unique Agbada Styles for Men


What are the Latest Agbada Styles for Men In 2022 ? ; Back in the days, Afrrican men wardrobe had limited variations and hence few styles of men’s wear to rock. But In this Era there are numerous of Ankara styles for men In Africa which includes the Agbada Style .

I Sometimes doubt if there is any stylish man who does not own a collection of Ankara men’s clothing in their closet. Although, this is a native style for men, we still remain tied to it by the virtue of it being from our roots.

What is Agbada style All About ?

Agbada is a long, loose-fitting, often embroidered gown having wide sleeves and a hole in the center for the head. It is worn especially by Yoruba men with a free-flowing outer robe (Awosoke), an undervest (Awotele), a pair of long trousers (Sokoto), and a hat (Fila).

Factors to consider When buying Agbada Styles

Remember there are your desires on one side and what the market is offering on the other hand. It is not easy to reach to a consensus if you are not decisive enough on what you want. Here is what to consider before purchasing the male Agbada designs 2022.

  • 1. Quality
  • 2. Cost
  • 3. Season/purpose
  • 4. Color

Top 100 Agbada Styles for Men

Latest Black Agbada designs

Latest white Agbada designs

Short Agbada styles

Wedding Agbada styles

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