Study Air Traffic Controller Course In South Africa


What Is Air Traffic Controller Course In South Africa ? Air traffic controllers are responsible for the prevention of collisions between aircraft. They must maintain an orderly flow of air traffic and provide useful information and instructions needed for the safe execution of aircraft in-flight.

What are the requirement For Air Traffic Controller Course In South Africa ?

To qualify as an air traffic controller, you’ll need to complete four to six years of training, which includes both practical and theoretical components. While entry requirements vary between the different training institutes, it’s likely that you’ll need to have completed Grade 12 with mathematics, physical sciences, and English to enroll for this qualification.

How Much Does It Cost to Study Air Traffic Controller Course In SA ?

A person working as a Air Traffic Control in South Africa typically earns around 24,800 ZAR per month.

What Is Bachelor’s Degree in Air Traffic Controller Course ?

Candidates who want to become air traffic controllers typically need an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree from an AT-CTI program. Other candidates must have 3 years of progressively responsible work experience, have completed 4 years of college, or have a combination of both.

What Is Masters Degree in Air Traffic Controller Course ?

The Master of Science (MSc) in Air Traffic Management (ATM) is a two year program offering advanced education in the scientific and operational problems and technics dealing with the design, control and use of Airspace Management, Air Traffic Control and Airport Management.

Where To Study Air Traffic Controller Course In South Africa ?

Aviation Training Academy
O.R. Tambo International Airport
Gate 14 Operation Complex,
Bonaero Drive, Bonaero Park
Kempton Park, 1622
South Africa

Is Air Traffic Controller a good career in South Africa?

Air traffic controllers must be sincerely interested in aviation and they must indicate a willingness to accept responsibility. They must be able to achieve a professional attitude in their career. Air traffic controllers must have good memory, hearing and eyesight. They must behave calmly and rationally when under pressure and they must be able to remain alert for long periods of time.

What Is the Average Salary of a Air Traffic Controller in South Africa

The average salary for an Air Traffic Controller is R254,453

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