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Alpha College Of Technology Admission General Information

Alpha College Of Technology Admission General Information


Applicants who get admission to Alpha College of Technology (ACT) shall register between the dates specified on the Academic Calendar. Registration takes place in the University College at the beginning of each semester. The Program shall be announced by the Office of the Registrar. Late registration is conducted with penalty.
Students should observe the following registration rules and procedures:

  • Registration is in person or by official delegation.
  • A student will not be allowed to attend classes without completing registration formalities.
  • A regular (day, evening and weekend) student must normally register for a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 21 credit hours per semester. However, if the student is on good academic standing and if he/she is in his/her year of graduation, then the student may register for not more than 21 credit hours per month.
  • The normal load per semester for degree student of Evening and Distance Education programs shall range between 9 and 12 credit hours. However, there shall be flexibility in this regard depending on other factors that may influence the student’s learning.
  • Any student wishing to deviate from any normal credit hours load per semester must submit his/her request in writing to the department/unit to which he/she belongs. The department/unit is authorized to grant or deny the applicants request.
  • The department head shall also handle all special cases as regards semester course load in consultation with the registrar office.
  • A student shall pay for the courses listed in the registration slip and present the cash receipt along with the forms to the registrar office for final registration after getting the advisorssignature.
  • A student shall complete the registration forms in triplicate specifying course titles, course number, period’s names of instructors, etc., in consultation with an advisor. The student must submit the registration slips to the Office of the Registrar and get the “REGISTERED” stamp on them. Then the first copy shall be submitted in the Office of the Registrar, the second in the department and the third shall be kept with the student.
  • No credit shall be given for courses for which the student is not registered even if grades have been earned.
  • Registration is complete only when the “REGISTERED” stamp is put on the registration slips by the registrar office


Advance registration is a period of time whereby registration can be effected for students, during any particular semester for a succeeding semester, with a specific cancellation date if certain actions are not completed by the student.
These actions consist of either paying the fees owed, as indicated by the fee statement, or submitting the fee statement to the financial aid section of the business office, if they have approved financial aid.  The fee statement, in all cases, will be verified with the computer enrolment data.
Students who do not comply with one of the two actions described above will be on a cancellation list to the admissions and records office following the specified deadline date.


Regular registration is the time frame immediately prior to the beginning of a semester where a student registers for classes.  A student can be either registering for the first time, for this particular semester, or was unable to complete the advance registration process for this particular semester and is re-registering.
The registration process is not complete until payment of fees is completed.  The payment of fees is considered complete when monies are remitted for all fees, or an approved financial aid recipient has submitted his or her fee statement to the business office.  If a student’s payment of fees has not been received by the appropriate registration deadline, the student will be on a cancellation list which will be forwarded to the admissions and records office following this deadline date.
The receiving of a fee statement from an approved financial aid recipient obligates student to either complete the financial aid process, or formally withdraw from the University.  Once the fee statement is submitted, a student is not placed on a cancellation list.
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