Study Ambulance Driver Course In South Africa


What Is Ambulance Driver Course In South Africa ?

An aspiring paramedic must have a Code 10 Drivers License, as well as a Matric certificate, in order to become a basic life support paramedic. To meet the qualifications set by the Health Professional Council and to become a qualified Basic Ambulance Attendant (a one month) .

What are the requirement For Ambulance Driver Course In South Africa ?

To become a paramedic with Basic Life Support you need Matric, Code 10 Drivers License and PrDp. To be qualified as a Basic Ambulance Attendant (a one month course) and be registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa.

How Much Does It Cost to Study Ambulance Driver Course In SA ?

The cost of your courses will vary greatly depending on your goals. If you want to enroll in a Basic Ambulance Assistant course, you can expect to pay anywhere between R8500. 00 and R9000 if you are a full-time student. In South Africa, how long does it take to become a paramedic ?

What Is Bachelor’s Degree in Ambulance Driver Course ?

There is no specific degree for ambulance driving. However, many community colleges and hospitals offer training for ambulance drivers.

What Is Masters Degree in Ambulance Driver Course ?

Masters Degrees (Ambulance) · Paramedic Science (Pre-registration) – MSc · Paramedic Science (Pre-Registration) MSc · Paramedic Science MSc

Where To Study Ambulance Driver Course In South Africa

  • Action Training Academy.
  • Ambusave.
  • COJEMS Training Academy.
  • Critical Care Academy.
  • Elihle College of Emergency Care.
  • ER 24.
  • Global Emergency Technologies.
  • IET Fire Rescue and EMS Academy.

Is Ambulance Driver a good career in South Africa?

Careers in the emergency services are some of the most in-demand jobs not only in South Africa but throughout the world due to their level of expertise and …

What Is the Average Salary of a Ambulance Driver in South Africa

The average ambulance salary in South Africa is R 204 000 per year or R 105 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 175 500 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 460 835 per year.

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