Awesome Business Ideas To Start With 1000 Cedis In Ghana

Awesome Business Ideas To Start With 1000 Cedis In Ghana

we brought out the most profitable business and Money making ideas in Ghana to start with 1000 cedis.

Awesome Business Ideas To Start With 1000 Cedis In Ghana

We had to do a lot of research to come up with this list of profitable business ideas in Ghana that anyone can start with 1000 cedis or below. 

I bet to let you know that these business ideas when carefully practiced as I’ve explained below can seriously change your financial and business life.

Are you thinking of starting a business in Ghana? There are many types of businesses one can think of, from import and export to sale of mobile phones and offering professional services.

But while all businesses do fetch some profit, there are some that are more profitable than others, Such businesses do not even bother about economic crisis; they continue making more money even as the cedis falls against the dollar.

5 Lucrative Business In Ghana To Start With 1000 Cedis In Ghana.

1. Start Fashion Design Business With 1000 Cedis In Ghana 
Acquire the skill of a professional designer, get a shop and a machine ( industral machine)  which may cost you 100 -.300 Cedis and you are good to go. 
Let’s say you can make the design for both sexes, that is a huge advantage to you and more money.
2. Start Laundry Services Business In Ghana With 1000 Cedis 
Another nice business idea in ghana that you can easily start if you have a 1000 cedis. 
With the advent of technology you don’t even have to use your hands, a machine can do it for you which may cost around 500 Cedis to start laundry business and in twinkle of an eye and gets you cool cash.

3. Start Photography Business With 1000 Cedis In Ghana 
This is equally a skill you can learn and use it to get yourself paid well. 
All you need is a camera, sometimes a studio and the necessary skill, and you are good to go.
A camera may cost up-to 500 Cedis or more and other photographers equipments in Ghana. This type of business can fetch you more than 10000 Cedis when build up in a big way in Ghana.

4. Start Barbing Saloon Business In Ghana With 1000 Cedis 
This is one more profitable small scale business in Ghana you can start with 1000 Cedis. 
The beautiful thing about running a male or female saloon is that what you spend most times is just the skill. 

The starting capital to get the equipments is the basic cash you may need to spend which cost less than 1000 Cedis, unless you want to service them of course, or need fuel for cases of power outage.

5. Start Blogging (Internet Business) In Ghana
This is first on my list of the profitable business ideas I want to talk about.Blogging is not for everyone. But if it may be for you, just like any other internet business, I urge you to go into it. 

Comparing the Ghana Cedis to thedollar which is increasing on a daily basis you can make a lot of profit from Google AdSense. 

If the dollar is now 350 as at the time of writing this article, any amount you make in dollars is four times your currency.

You determine how much you make by how smart and hard you work. This is seriously a very rewarding business. Startup capital required: Low.
These business can be successful start with 1000 Cedis or below in Ghana and make a very good profit from them. 
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