C Salary In South Africa

C Salary In South Africa

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What is C-salary?

Is a software designed to foster payment of salary

What is a good salary in South Africa?

Anything between 40–70K would give most people all the luxury they need . So a good salary would depend on the lifestyle you wish to have . If you want to live in a fancy appartment at the perfect location and drive the newest Mercedes , 30K wont be considered good.

What salary do you need to live comfortably in South Africa?

To answer the question – How much do you need to live comfortably in South Africa? You need about R15 000 – R20 000 per month to afford the basics.

What is a good monthly salary in South Africa?

A four-person family will need about 60,000 ZAR to live comfortably, which means a salary of 40,000 ZAR may not be enough if only one person is working. A single person, on the other hand, needs about 16,000 ZAR to cater for basic monthly expenses, which makes a salary of 40,000 ZAR more than enough


Architectural Draughting

Intermediate R23,062 – R28,378
Senior R23,922 – R31,000


Senior R38,590 – R47,974

Automotive Engineering

Intermediate R25,300 – R35,667
Senior R41,944 – R49,924

Civil / Structural Engineering

Intermediate R32,388 – R43,902
Senior R53,994 – R70,826

Electrical Engineering

Intermediate R36,654 – R47,852
Senior R45,135 – R51,054

Electronic Engineering

Intermediate R37,552 – R52,969
Senior R40,833 – R54,861

Industrial Engineering

Intermediate R34,763 – R43,624
Senior R44,143 – R57,573

Mechanical Engineering

Intermediate R35,516 – R45,471
Senior R44,642 – R59,587

Engineering Technician

Intermediate R20,943 – R27,652
Senior R27,008 – R35,863

Engineering Draughtsman

Intermediate R20,943 – R27,652
Senior R25,076 – R33,077

Quantity Surveying

Intermediate R29,606 – R39,439
Senior R31,417 – R43,083

Consulting Engineering

Intermediate R31,587 – R41,508
Senior R40,465 – R53,527

Building Project Management

Intermediate R27,399 – R35,328
Senior R38,604 – R47,538

Metal, Iron, Steel & Rebar Works

Intermediate R19,833 – R24,867
Senior R25,250 – R30,704


Intermediate R20,267 – R25,932
Senior R27,479 – R32,758

Building Foreman

Intermediate R27,093 – R34,667
Senior R39,286 – R54,792

Structural Engineering

Intermediate R30,917 – R41,778
Senior R55,072 – R78,264

Civil Engineering

Intermediate R37,179 – R46,212
Senior R50,525 – R65,621


Software Development

Intermediate R36,374 – R44,306
Senior R42,118 – R53,782

Technical & Business Architecture

Intermediate R40,485 – R48,897
Senior R46,939 – R56,160

Business Analysis

Intermediate R35,560 – R42,236
Senior R43,429 – R54,138

Systems Analysis

Intermediate R34,722 – R44,484
Senior R43,311 – R53,194

Database Design, Development & Administration

Intermediate R30,333 – R36,767
Senior R30,906 – R39,799

Systems & Network Administration

Intermediate R27,667 – R34,970
Senior R35,478 – R40,625

UX & GUI Design

Intermediate R34,421 – R46,227
Senior R36,987 – R49,414

IT Project Administration & Management

Intermediate R36,590 – R47,387
Senior R41,707 – R52,517

Data Analysis & Data Warehousing

Intermediate R34,231 – R43,158
Senior R45,392 – R52,974

IT Management

Management R48,059 – R58,371
Senior Management R55,718 – R66,141


Nursing / Professional Care Giving

Intermediate R20,886 – R26,969
Senior R23,135 – R35,219

Clinical Facilitator

Intermediate R19,286 – R27,500
Senior R25,100 – R38,983


Intermediate R24,305 – R27,900
Senior R26,556 – R38,333


Intermediate R32,932 – R40,087
Senior R37,743 – R46,025

Pharmaceutical Assistant

Intermediate R13,700 – R20,333

Nursing Management

Management R28,298 – R36,016
Senior Management R34,888 – R41,861

Accounting Jobs

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Intermediate R16,140 – R20,020
Senior R23,526 – R27,977


Intermediate R14,504 – R18,301
Senior R18,243 – R22,994

Financial/Project Accounting

Intermediate R34,408 – R39,940
Senior R34,425 – R40,556

Cost & Management Accounting

Intermediate R38,837 – R45,682
Senior R45,018 – R50,877

Chartered Accounting

Intermediate R44,359 – R51,438
Senior R47,248 – R54,435

Internal Auditing

Intermediate R30,515 – R35,860
Senior R39,233 – R45,750

Payroll & Wages

Intermediate R19,218 – R23,457
Senior R22,021 – R26,358

Purchasing & Procurement

Intermediate R23,316 – R28,991
Senior R29,117 – R38,113


Intermediate R33,136 – R39,225
Senior R39,175 – R50,409

Banking Jobs

Corporate Lending

Intermediate R36,759 – R51,354
Senior R56,218 – R70,218

Credit Management

Intermediate R25,535 – R33,554
Senior R36,170 – R44,642

Debt, Rent / Cash Collection

Intermediate R13,846 – R16,910
Senior R17,198 – R20,744

Financial Advisory Jobs

Financial Analysis

Intermediate R45,908 – R52,506
Senior R50,587 – R59,110

Risk Management

Intermediate R34,031 – R42,760
Senior R39,519 – R47,778

Investment Management

Intermediate R25,667 – R35,976
Senior R37,417 – R45,500

Insurance Jobs

Actuarial Management / Administration

Intermediate R29,411 – R39,289
Senior R38,039 – R49,965

Claims Assessment

Intermediate R16,060 – R22,548
Senior R21,733 – R27,006

Employee Benefits Management / Administration

Intermediate R16,875 – R21,861

Financial Services Consulting

Intermediate R13,567 – R19,386
Senior R13,929 – R20,000