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Clever Portal Link

Clever Portal Link

The Authorities have enabled the Clever Portal Link – https://clever.com/login. Follow these simple steps to Access and use the portal .

What is Clever Portal?

Clever gives students and teachers a single login for all of their online learning programs and resources, personalized for each user’s needs.

What is the password for Clever?As a way to help district users, you can add login hints for Clever Passwords that will appear on your district’s Clever login page (e.g. Student Password = 10-digit Student Number, Teacher Username = Teacher ID).

How to Access Clever Portal

The Clever Portal provides students access to all of their learning applications in one location with a single sign-on. I already have Clever login or create an account to Get Started with clever.

  1. Visit the URL: clever.com
  2. Navigate to the Student tab
  3. Find your school
  4. Enter your PISD Username and Password
  5. Tap Login

Clever Login on an IPAD

The Clever app is compatible with iOS devices (e.g. iPads, iPhones) versions 9.0 or later, and is available for download from the App Store.

  1. Download the Clever App from the App Store
  2. Find your school
  3. Enter your PISD Username and Password
  4. Tap Login Button

Note: Applications will need to be installed and set to your school/domain on your iPad for you to be able to use the clever single sign-on. Not all applications in Clever will work on phones.

Login Clever Portal with Google

To access clever with Google, Ensure that all district users have a district-provided email address in Clever.

  1. Login Clever district dashboard Portal
  2. Select ‘Add Login Method‘ to the far right.
  3. Select ‘Google Authentication’ as the Identity Provider.
  4. Confirm the Google email source.
  5. Select ‘Save.’

Test various users to ensure their login credentials work. To do this:

  1. Ensure you have the credentials for a few students, teachers, or staff
  2. Navigate to your district’s Clever login page
  3. Enter the credentials of the user you are testing
  4. You should be successfully logged in to Clever as the user!

Is Clever portal an app?We’ve made it easy for parents to chat, receive reminders, and get a glimpse into special classroom moments—now on a mobile app.

How do I log into Clever at home?

To log in, simply navigate to clever.com/login and search for your child’s school. Once found, Clever will remember your selection for future logins. No need to search again! Once you have selected your school, log in using your Badge or school-provided username and password.

Is Clever free?

Clever is a free service for schools and districts! This means Clever doesn’t charge schools or districts to utilize our platform

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