Top Conceptual Photographers To Follow In Africa


Who are the top Conceptual Photographers To Follow In Africa ? Every Conceptual Photographer  captures a powerful message capable of transmitting highly abstract concepts to our thoughts through images. . And Most African Photographers have pitched the idea of transmittiing ideas through their photographs …..Thus Scout Africa Bring To you the Top Conceptual Photographers In Africa .

What is conceptual photography ?

In conceptual photography, we take a generalized idea. based on the meaning of words and transform it into an image that is more specific. and tangible. Conceptual photography turns an abstract idea into a specific visual. form with substance.

Top Conceptual Photographers To Follow In Africa

Awuku Darko Samuel ( Ghana )

Top Conceptual Photographers To Follow In Africa

Born in 1997, Awuku Darko Samuel is a conceptual photographer from Suhum, Ghana. He Began studying visual arts when he was in Senior High school, which he graduated from in 2017. He borrowed smartphones from friends to take photos until he was gifted with his own.

Top Conceptual Photographers To Follow In Africa

He began to explore photography and various mediums in oder to create visual story telling methods. Though he has experience with many different mediums, such as African print making, leatherwork and ceramics, he prefers due to the speed and the abundance of divine downloads and ideas which are gifted to him. Awuku’s conceptual photography is hugely inspired by his culture, and the people around him.

G.V. UTONG ( Nigeria )

Top Conceptual Photographers To Follow In Africa

Godswill Vesta Utong , Popularly Known As G. V. Utong , Is s Bnker, Photographer And Digital Artist From Nigeria. Fascinated By The Concept Of Loneliness , Sadness And Exploers Artistic Themes That Bring To The Fore The Fickleness Of The Human Experience .

He started photography in 2017 as a way of escaping the boredom of his day job and realised it was therapeutic. He take pictures over the weekend, then spend nights after work editing them.

Bkay Photos ( Ghana )

Top Conceptual Photographers To Follow In Africa

Bkay Photos is owned and managed by Issaka Osumanu , an IT graduate student from the Koforidua Technical University. Bkay Photos , A young photographer makes his mark with highly distinctive Conceptual Arts that are creative and uses visual storytelling as a means to project his voice and also share his opinions about pressing issues related to his society and the world at large.

 A thoroughly 21st-century photographer, his portraits capture some of the pressing issues related to the Ghanaian Society and Our Youthful Life.

He is known as the Best Photographer in the Eastern Region Of Ghana Koforidua to be precise.

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