Dominion University College

Dominion University College


Help people master the competencies that drive career success.


To be Known across West Africa for excellence in career and employability skills developmen

Our Coporate Aims

  1. Transformative Student Learning Experience – be nationally recognized for the quality of our education by providing attractive programmes, quality teaching & assessment, learning facilities, resources, student support and opportunities that turn our students into innovative, high performing and independent lifelong learners. This should make Dominion attractive to highly qualified applicants and grant funders.
  2. Research and Innovation – actively promote and support a culture of discovery to underpin academic, public policy and industry success.
  3. Enterprise and Business Engagement – be a nationally recognized center for knowledge transfer services including corporate, vocational and technical training as well as product design and development to support economic growth, enterprise development and student learning.
  4. National and international ranking – strengthen our reputation; increase our national and international rankings, attract high quality students, recruit and retain high quality faculty and staff.
  5. Excellent staff experience – be an admired employer, a great place to work where creativity, selflessness and commitment are recognized and rewarded.
  6. Financial – Generate a surplus to reinvest into modern educational facilities and resources;

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