20 Top Best Dreadlock Styles For Men To Rock


African Men Nowadays have grown their hair and are now researching for the hottest Best Dreadlock Styles For Men . Thus We bring to you how to style Dreadlock for men for them to look attractive .

What are dreads for men?

Dreadlocks are one of the most versatile hairstyles for black men. They can be worn short and vertical or long and loose. Medium length and long locs can be pulled up into a man bun, ponytail or half up style. Use a hair band or tie hair back with a long lock.

20 Top Hottest Dreadlock Styles For Men To Rock

Twist Dreadlocks

Ponytail Dreadlocks

Braided Dreadlock

Curly Dreadlock

Long Dreadlocks

Basket Weave Dreadlocks

Chunky Dreadlocks

Can dreads get wet?

Avoid getting your hair wet or washing it with any products in the first two to four weeks, as you may loosen some hairs and negatively affect the neat appearance of your dreads. Once about a month has passed, you are free to wash your dreads as needed.

Can I wash my locs everyday?

You should never let your dreads go more than a week without washing. Most people find it comfortable to wash mature dreads every other day or every 2nd day. If you are very active and sweat a lot you may find it necessary to wash your dreads every day. You can also just rinse your dreads after running or other sports.

Should I cover my dreads when I sleep?

We recommend covering your dreadlocks while you sleep. You’ll minimize the risk of breakage. If you toss and turn while sleeping but your dreadlocks are exposed, you might accidentally pull them during the night.

Source .. Scoutafrica.net

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