Drivers License Code In South Africa


What is the Drivers License Code In South Africa ? Driver’s licenses in South Africa are given out with various codes depending on the kind of vehicle the license holder is allowed to operate. In South Africa, there are eight different license codes, as follows:

  1. Code A: Motorcycles, including motor tricycles with a power output of more than 15 kW.
  2. Code A1: Motorcycles with a cylinder capacity not exceeding 125 cc, and with a power output not exceeding 11 kW.
  3. Code B: Light motor vehicles, including cars, minibuses, vans, and small trucks (up to 3 500 kg).
  4. Code C1: Vehicles designed to carry goods, with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) not exceeding 16 000 kg.
  5. Code C: Heavy vehicles, with a GVM exceeding 16 000 kg.
  6. Code EB: Combination of vehicles, consisting of a light motor vehicle (Code B) and a trailer with a GVM exceeding 750 kg.
  7. Code EC1: Combination of vehicles, consisting of a heavy motor vehicle (Code C) and a trailer with a GVM not exceeding 750 kg.
  8. Code EC: Combination of vehicles, consisting of a heavy motor vehicle (Code C) and a trailer with a GVM exceeding 750 kg.

To obtain a driver’s license with a specific code, applicants must meet certain requirements and pass a practical driving test that is specific to the type of vehicle for which they are seeking a license. Drivers are required to carry their licenses with them while driving and to present them to law enforcement officers upon request. It is also important to note that drivers are required to renew their licenses periodically to ensure that they are up to date with the latest driving regulations and safety standards.

In South Africa, driving licences are issued with various codes that indicate the types of vehicle that may be driven with that licence. To transport fare-paying passengers or tourists for a fee, you must have a professional driving permit (PrDP). For example, a Code EC1 licence includes codes B, EB and C1.

What are the advantage of Drivers License Code

  • Proves you know how to drive. Learning how to drive takes a lot of hard work and effort. …
  • Can be used as ID. …
  • Helps you have fun. …
  • Opens doors to jobs. …
  • Helps both you and others.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drivers License Code In South Africa

What is South African drivers license code C1?

The system makes a distinction between rigid vehicles and rigid vehicles drawing trailers (above 750 kg GVM). For example, the holder of a code C1 is permitted to drive a heavy goods vehicle up to 16 000 kg GVM but needs an EC1 license in order to pull a trailer heavier than 750 kg GVM.

What does the codes on my driver’s license mean?

These tell us which vehicles we’re allowed to drive. Driving license codes given in numbers only e.g. ’01’ and ’79(2)’. These tell us the conditions a driver should meet to drive. For example, ’01’ is a common code indicating someone needs glasses or contact lenses to drive.

What is Code 3 license in South Africa?

Code 3: This is for a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle mass exceeding 3 500kg. You must be 18 years or older on the date of the test in order to apply.

What is code 11 drivers License South Africa?

Goal: To prepare the learner driver to pass the K53 driver license test at the traffic department. and personal progress. A novice driver would need about 20 – 30 hours.

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