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Eritrea Squad / Football Players

Last updated on March 27, 2022

Eritrea Squad / Football Players

Who are the Eritrea Squad / Football Players ? The Eritrea national football team represents Eritrea in men’s international football and it is controlled by the Eritrean National Football Federation. It is nicknamed the Red Sea Boys. It has never qualified for the finals of the FIFA World Cup and the Africa Cup of Nations.

List Of Eritrea Squad 

Here are the List Of Squad in Eritrea and their Positions in the team ;

Eritrea Squad 2021Position
Kibrom SolomunGoalkeeper
Abdulahi AbdurahmanGoalkeeper
Eyob Girmaydefence
Robel Asfahadefence
Robel TeklemichaelCentre-Back
Hermon FessehayeCentre-Back
Filmon TumzghiLeft-Back
Yonas SolomonLeft-Back
Samiyuma AlexanderMidfield
Mewael TesfayMidfield
Esey TesfayMidfield
Alexander Abraham AndueMidfield
Nahom AwetMidfield
Zerit YohhanesMidfield
Christoffer ForsellDefensive Midfield
Abel OkrayDefensive Midfield
Ablelom TeklezgiDefensive Midfield
Mohammed SaeidCentral Midfield
Senai HagosLeft Midfield
Ezana Kahsayattack
Michael Habteattack
Ermias Tekle Simonattack
Henok GoitomCentre-Forward
Ali SuliemanCentre-Forward

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