Full List of Available Courses Offered At UPSA

Full List of Available Courses Offered At UPSA

Full List of Available Courses Offered At UPSA

Full List of Available Courses Offered At UPSA

In line with the tenets of the University of Professional Studies Acts, 1999 (Act 566) to promote tertiary education leading to the award of Certificates, Diploma, and Degrees; the University introduced tertiary Diploma in Management, Marketing, Accounting and Public Relations Management in August, 2008. The programmes are specially designed to meet the middle level manpower needs of the public and private sectors of the economy.


Just as the undergraduate programmes, the University of Professional Studies, Accra has been given the official approval by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) to run the Diploma programmes.
Duration of the diploma programmes:

The diploma programmes shall take a minimum of four (4) semesters and a maximum of eight (8) semesters. The minimum and maximum periods are calculated from the date of first registration.


The entire Diploma course shall have letter and number codes beginning with four letters and followed by three digits. Conveniently, the two sets of the four chosen letters namely ‘PDBA’ which represent “Professional Diploma in Business Administration” and “Professional Diploma in Public Relations Management” respectively, while the range of numbers is as follows:

Level 100 Courses 101- 116

Level 200 Courses 201- 232

The third digit in the number code shall be defined as odd number for a course offered in the first semester and even number for a course offered in the second semester. Zero for a course offered in both the first and second semesters.

A full- time Diploma student shall be required to carry a minimum work load of Eighteen (18) credits and maximum of twenty-one (21) credit per semester. Under normal circumstances, students shall not be allowed to enroll for less than the required minimum credits except if it satisfies Faculty and Institutional requirements.


To qualify for the award of the University’s Diploma, a student must take all the courses totaling seventy- two (72) credit (maximum) and obtain a CGPA of at least 1.50 for 2010/2011 entrants and a CGPA of at least 1.00 for 2011/2012 and subsequent entrants. A student must pass each subject. The pass mark in an individual subject is forty percent (40%) the student in addition must have discharged all obligations owed the Institute and the Faculty/ Department as may be prescribed in respect of Diploma.


The Diploma appropriately designated shall be awarded to a student who has been properly admitted to the Diploma Programme of the University, followed the prescribed course of study over the period as well as fulfilled all the requirement pertaining to 1.5 (old grading system) and 1.00 (new grading system).

Cancellation of Awards

A UPSA Diploma conferred on a student may be cancelled at any time even with retrospective effect, if it becomes known that the student gained admission with false qualifications, or impersonated for someone else, or had been guilty of examination malpractice, or has otherwise conducted him or herself in a manner that is judged incompatible with the status of the holder of UPSA Diploma.

list of Courses offered at University of professional studies – Degree
The Undergraduate Programmes were introduced by the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), in response to the mandate of the UPSA Act 850 Act 2012 to provide tertiary education leading to the award of Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees. Currently, the University is offering Undergraduate Programmes in Accounting, Marketing, Business Administration and Banking and Finance. The Programmes are specially designed to both the academic and professional needs of the public and private sectors of the economy. The curricula place a considerable emphasis on the development and use of analytical skills in problem solving, decision- making and implementation.

The University of Professional Studies, Accra has been accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) to run Undergraduate programmes in Accounting, Marketing, BusinessAdministration and Banking and Finance.

The academic functions of the Undergraduate Programmes are centered on the following faculties:

Faculty of Accounting & Finance
Faculty of Management
Faculty of Communication Studies

The Faculties/Departments require that candidates satisfy all general entry requirements.

Bachelor of Science Marketing
Bachelor of Science Accounting
Bachelor of Science Banking & Finance
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management

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