Full List Of Colleges At The KNUST

Full List Of Colleges At The KNUST

Full List Of Colleges At The KNUST

Full List Of Colleges At The KNUST

As the number of students and academic programmes grow, the administrative structure with which the University was governed by correspondingly changed. The Colleges came into being in January 2005, following the promulgation of the revised University statutes in October 2004. The Colleges of the University operate a 3-Tier Academic/Administrative Structure.

The Academic/Administrative 3-Tier System operates with the Offices of the Provosts of Colleges,Deans of Faculties And Heads of Departments. KNUST is now fundamentally structured into six Colleges. These Colleges are composed of Faculties. These Faculties are subdivided into Departments. New and existing Departments and programmes fall under these Colleges. The Departments coordinate and collaborate where necessary. They are;

College of Science

College of Engineering

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

College of Art and Built Environment

College of Health Sciences

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

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