Full List of Military Training Institutions in Uganda

Full List of Military Training Institutions in Uganda

Full List of Military Training Institutions in Uganda ; Find the best Military Training Institutions in Uganda Admissions Updates on  Scout Africa.. Find all academic courses details , admission requirements or cut off points Admission Fees and online application For best Military Training Institutions in Uganda .

Here is a comprehensive information for all prospective applicants who are interested in gaining admission into Military Training Institutions in Uganda. We provide you with all the information you need on admission forms and the procedures to apply for admissions in all Military Training Institutions in Uganda.

Junior Staff College –Jinja

Non – Commissioned Officer Academy Jinja

Senior Command and Staff College, Kimaka -Jinja

Uganda Military Academy (UMA)- Kabamba

Bihanga Military Training School

Kalama Armoured Warfare Training School

National Leadership Institute (NALI)

Oliver Tambo School of Leadership

Uganda Air Defence and Artillery School

Uganda Air Force Academy

University of Military Science and Technology

Uganda Junior Command & Staff College

Uganda Military Academy

Uganda Senior Command and Staff College

Uganda Urban Warfare Training School

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