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Gabon Squad / Football Players

Last updated on August 15, 2021

Gabon Squad / Football Players And Their Team Positions

Who are the Gabon Squad / Football Players ? The Gabon national football team represents Gabon in menโ€™s international football, The teamโ€™s nickname is The Brazilians and it is governed by the Gabonese Football Federation, They have never qualified for the FIFA World Cup, but have qualified eight times for the Africa Cup of Nations.

Gabon Squad / Football Players

Top scorer: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (27)

Captain: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Best result: Quarter-finals, 1996 and 2012

Head coach: Patrice Neveu

List Of Gabonย Squadย For 2021 AFCON

Here are the List Of Squad in Gabon and their Positions in the team ;

Gabon Squad 2021Position
Jean Noel AmonomeGoalkeeper
Dallian AlloghoGoalkeeper
Donald NzรฉGoalkeeper
Bruno Ecuele MangaCentre-Back
Gilchrist NguemaCentre-Back
Junior AssoumouCentre-Back
Johann ObiangLeft-Back
Lloyd PalunRight-Back
Anthony OyonoRight-Back
Yoann WachterRight-Back
Mario LeminaDefensive Midfield
Andre PokoDefensive Midfield
Serge-Junior Martinsson NgoualiDefensive Midfield
Didier NdongCentral Midfield
Nathanael MbourouCentral Midfield
Jim AllevinahLeft Midfield
Guรฉlor KangaAttacking Midfield
Denis BouangaLeft Winger
Aaron BoupendzaLeft Winger
Fahd NdzengueLeft Winger
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ( Captain )Centre-Forward
Kevin MayiCentre-Forward
Gaรซtan Missi MezuCentre-Forward

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