Top 10 Handsome Actors In Ghana

Top 10 Handsome Actors In Ghana

What marks the Handsome Actors In Ghana ? As Handsome means having a pleasing and usually impressive or dignified appearance . Most Actors Before appearing to the lime light must be good looking…And with this there are numerous of finest Ghanaian Actors . Scout Africa thus bring to you the top 10 Most Handsome Actors In Ghana.

Can acting make you rich?

The most traditional among professions to make you rich, acting is a low entry barrier yet hard to reach success field. The odds of making it to the list of gallywood biggies are low but given the right amount of talent and drive, you can become a successful actor.

Who are the Top Handsome Actors In Ghana?

Toosweet Annan , James Gardiner , Majid Michel , Frank Artus , Eddie Watson , Van Vicker , Chris Attoh , Ekow Smith Asante , and Bill asamoah.

Toosweet Annan

Toosweet Annan is an actor who has melted the hearts of many fans throughout his entire career. He has sold his films both locally and internationally. He had a passion for acting at a tender age, making him popular once he hit the TV screens.

James Gardiner

James Gardiner is a Ghanaian actor and TV presenter. He was born in Accra, Ghana on May 16, 1985. ames Timothy Gardiner is a handsome Ghanaian born Ghallywood and Nollywood actor, model, voice-over artiste, Radio, and TV presenter.

Majid Michel
Top 10 Handsome Actors In Ghana

Majid Michel is a Ghanaian actor, model, television personality, evangelism and a humanitarian. He received nominations for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2017. He eventually won the award in 2012 after three previous consecutive nominations. Who is Majid Michel wife? Virna Michel

Eddie Watson

Eddie Samuel Obong Watson Jr. is a Liberian-born Ghanaian actor and producer. He received his first Ghanaian Movie Award in 2014 for his film Ebola which he wrote, directed and produced. Eddie Watson married his partner of two years, actress Naomi Baaba Watson, in a private ceremony. The couple welcomed their first child, Emirror (Emi) Cassia Watson on February 2, 2015. Watson took to his Instagram page to share the passing of his mother Leonora Caulker on May 27, 2021.

Van Vicker

Joseph van Vicker, better known as Van Vicker, is a Ghanaian actor, movie director and humanitarian.He is the CEO of Sky + Orange production, a film production house.Van Vicker received two nominations for “Best Actor in a Leading Role” and “Best Upcoming Actor” at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2008. 

Who is Van Vicker’s real wife?Adjoa Vicker.

Chris Attoh

Chris Attoh is a Ghanaian actor, film director, on-air personality, television presenter and Producer. He is best known as “Kwame Mensah” in Nigerian soap opera Tinsel. He attended the New York Film Academy, Achimota School and Accra Academy. At Accra Academy, his classmates included the media businessman and radio personality Nathan Adisi. He then moved on to KNUST where he studied for a Bachelor of Art in Painting degree. He later went to London to study Banking and Securities.

He was previously married to Damilola Adegbite, but was reported to be divorced in September 2017.He re-married on Saturday 6 October 2018 to Bettie Jennifer, a US-based businesswoman at a private ceremony in Accra.

Frank Artus

Gregory Artus Frank, also known as Frank Artus, is a Liberian actor, director, and producer in the West African film industries.

Frank began his career in Liberia. Shortly afterwards, he branched out to Ghana where he worked at Venus Films, then eventually moved on to shoot movies in Nigeria (Nollywood). After acting in minor roles in Liberia, Artus wrote, directed, and starred in the movie Juetey (Children’s Business). In 2008, Jutey won six awards including best writer, best supporting actress, and movie of the year. Juetey was Frank’s first attempt at screenwriting.

In 2015 Frank was presented with the Face of Africa Award as a well-known actor. He also received several awards, including the Humanitarian Figure Award from the Continental Award Committee for his contributions to the fight against ebola.

Fiifi Coleman

Fiifi Coleman is an actor and director, known for Pieces of Me (2015), The Most Beautiful Hour (2012) and ’95 (2019). Fiifi Coleman Productions is a Ghanaian registered full-service theater, television, and radio production company dedicated to showcasing the evolving innovation and creativity of theater in Ghana and the sub-Saharan African region

Ekow Smith Asante

Ekow Smith Asante is a famous Ghanaian actor, television personality, producer, director, production designer, consultant, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He was born on 15th April 1973 in Takoradi, Ghana. He is currently 44 years old. He is born into a family of four children. He is currently married with beautiful kids.

Bill asamoah

Bill Asamoah is the Chief Executive Officer of Okyerema Entertainment, Chief Executive Officer of The Boss Grooming, and the Chairman of Ghana Actors Guild in the Ashanti Region. Bill Asamoah was born in the ’70s in Ash town, Kumasi. He is married to Marian Boakye with three kids.

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