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High Schools In Brakpan South Africa

High Schools In Brakpan South Africa

How many high schools are in Brakpan South Africa ? Brakpan is a mining town in the Gauteng province of South Africa. The name Brakpan was first used by the British boatman in the 1920s because of a non-perennial lake that would annually dry to become a “brakpannies pan”. The Brakpan Township has numerous of High Schools Scattered in the province .

List Of High Schools In Brakpan Township

See the list of secondary schools present in the Brakpan Township .

Brakpan High School

Brakpan Educational Centre

Willowmoore High School

Dalpark Private School.

Curro Helderwyk Independent School

Dalpark Secondary School

Springs Girls’ High

Boksburg High School

Die Anker Hoerskool

Benoni High School

Brakpan uniforms

Dalpark Primary School

SPARK School

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