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High Schools In Welkom South Africa

High Schools In Welkom South Africa

How many high schools are in Welkom South Africa ? Welkom is the second-largest city in the Free State province of South Africa, located about 140 kilometres northeast of Bloemfontein which is the provincial capital.The Welkom province has numerous of High Schools Scattered in the province. See the list of secondary schools present in the Welkom .

List Of High Schools In Welkom

St Andrews High School

St Dominic’s College High School

Welkom High School

Welkom Gymnasium High School

Welkom Islamic, Welkom

Welkom Technical High School (T.H.S.), Welkom

Edmund Rice Combined, Welkom

Adamsonvlei Combined, Welkom

Eagles Christian Combined High School, Welkom

Dunamis Christian School Welkom

Vierhoek Intermediate Farm School

Riebeeckstad High School, Welkom

Goudveld High School, Welkom

Unitas High School Welkom

Kingdom Academy Welkom

Edu-College, Welkom

Rheederpark High School, Welkom

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