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What is Executor Of Estate ?

An executor of an estate, also known as a personal representative, is appointed to carry out a deceased person’s wishes specified in their will. They manage and protect the estate’s financial assets, which is why many name family members, close friends, accountants or lawyers to act as executors.18 Oct 2022

How To Apply For Executor Of Estate In South Africa

To obtain a letter of executorship in South Africa, one must report the death of the deceased and apply for a letter of executorship to the Master of the High Court within 14 days. The court permits executorship only in the presence of a death certificate.

What documents do I need to get a letter of executorship?

  • Original / certified copy of the death certificate.
  • Original / certified copy of the marriage certificate.
  • Original will.
  • Completed death notice.
  • Completed next-of-kin affidavit.
  • Completed inventory showing all the assets of the deceased.

How long does it take to get a letter of executorship in South Africa?

The Master issues Letters of Executorship about 3 months after receiving the Reporting Documents. Once Letters of Executorship have been issued the Executor is authorized by the Master to act on behalf of the estate and to continue with the winding up process.

How to become an executor of an estate without a will in South Africa?

If the deceased did not leave a Will, s/he would have not had the opportunity to appoint an executor. The intestate heirs of the deceased’s estate may nominate a person to be appointed as the executor, however, the final decision of who should be the executor still lies with the Master of the High Court.

How much is executors fees in South Africa?

According to tariff, the executor is entitled to 3.5% on the gross value of assets in an estate and 6% on income accrued and collected after the death of the deceased. It is best to discuss the fees with your family upfront so that they are aware of how the fees will be calculated.

How long does an Executorship letter take?

Generally it takes about 8 weeks after the estate has been reported to the Master’s Office before the Master issues his Letters of Executorship.

Who may not be appointed as an executor?

A legally incapacitated person, such as a minor, may also not act as executor of the estate of a deceased person – section 18(6) refers. be appointed in section 18(3) estates.

How do you prove you are the executor of an estate?

A Grant is used to prove that you as the executor or administrator, have the legal right to administer the estate (and is required for dealing with the deceased’s property and in some cases is required by banks and other institutions).

Who appoints an executor?

the Master

The executor is the person who is appointed by the Master to administer the deceased estate. The deceased nominates an executor in his or her will and the Master appoints such executor subject to certain requirements.

How long does an executor have to settle an estate in South Africa?

As soon as proof has been provided to the Master that all creditors have been paid, that the heirs have received their inheritances and that the fixed property has been transferred, the estate is regarded as finalised and the executor’s duties come to an end. The process of finalisation takes 4 to 8 weeks.

Can a beneficiary be an executor?

In short, yes, an executor can be a beneficiary of a will, in fact, it’s quite normal for that to be the case. The only people who cannot be beneficiaries under a will are those who witnessed the will when the deceased signed it.

Can an executor be a beneficiary in South Africa?

In terms of the law in South Africa, it is feasible to appoint a family member, friend, and even a beneficiary as executor of your estate.

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