How To Become An F&I In South Africa

How To Become An F&I In South Africa

Learn more about how to become an F&I in South Africa;

What is F&I ?

If you purchase a vehicle at a dealership, the salesperson may refer you to someone in the F&I or business office. This is the part of the dealership that markets loans and optional add-ons to customers after they have agreed to buy a vehicle at the dealership.5 Aug 2022

What is an F&I South Africa?

F&I managers, also known as “finance and insurance managers,” sell both new and used cars to customers who intend to purchase finance and insurance options. They work to provide buyers with the most suitable options for their vehicle purchases which fit within their budgets and do not negatively affect their loans.

F&I Manager a good job?

However, the average compensation of an F&I manager is nearly 4% higher than that of an ordinary manager in any department in the dealership. This estimation makes the position of the F&I manager one of the most lucrative positions in the industry.

How do I qualify for FAIS?

Normally, a full qualification consists of a number of clusters, each providing a certain number of credits, the total of which should at least be 120. Please note that successful completion of the full range of prescribed clusters is required in order to obtain the qualification.