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How To Calculate GPA In South Africa

How To Calculate Gpa In South Africa ; In South Africa, the most common method of calculating GPA (Grade Point Average) is based on a 10-point grading system. What is GPA in university in South Africa?In South Africa and many other nations, GPA (Grade Point Average) is a widely used metric to assess academic performance in universities and colleges. Each grade received in a course is given a numerical value, and the average of all the grades received within a certain term or academic year is used to determine the GPA. A numerical summary of a student’s total academic performance is provided by the resulting GPA.

Here are the steps to calculate GPA in South Africa:

  1. Find out how many points each of your courses is worth. The grade point value in the 10-point grading scale runs from 10 (excellent) to 0. (fail). Here is the scale for grades:

10 = Outstanding

9 = Excellent

8 = Very good

7 = Good

6 = Moderate pass

5 = Marginal pass

4 = Sub-minimum pass

0 = Fail

  1. Multiply the grade point value for each course by the number of credits it is worth. For example, if you got an “A” (which has a grade point value of 9) in a 3-credit course, the calculation would be 9 x 3 = 27.
  2. Add up all the credit-weighted grade point values for all your courses.
  3. Divide the total credit-weighted grade point value by the total number of credits you took. The result is your GPA.

For example, if you took 4 courses worth 3 credits each and received the following grades:

  • A (9 grade points) in course 1
  • B (7 grade points) in course 2
  • B (7 grade points) in course 3
  • C (6 grade points) in course 4

The calculation would be as follows:

(9 x 3) + (7 x 3) + (7 x 3) + (6 x 3) = 69

Total credit-weighted grade point value = 69

Total credits taken = 12

GPA = 69 ÷ 12 = 5.75

Therefore, your GPA would be 5.75 on a 10-point scale.

What is a 3.5 GPA in South Africa

A B+ letter grade or 90% is equal to a 3.5 GPA. The national GPA average is 3.0, thus you are 3.5 points over average.



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