How To Check For Unclaimed Money In South Africa


How To Check For Unclaimed Money In South Africa:

How To Check For Unclaimed Money In South Africa

What is Unclaimed Money In South Africa?

An unclaimed benefit is any benefit that was due to a member from a retirement fund in terms of the rules of the fund that is not claimed by the member or beneficiary within a period of 24-month from the date the benefit became legally due and payable to a member.

How do I check if I have unclaimed UIF South Africa?

To find out if there are any unclaimed benefits owing to you, you can access a central database on the Financial Sector Conduct Authority website at Here you can input basic information such as your name, ID number, fund name, name of employer etc, so that the search engine can check for a match.

How do I check my Gepf claim ?

The GEPF now has a self-service portal and a member only needs their ID number and a password to access their latest benefit statement. The client should login via the link below, click on forgot password and enter their details.

How much is my UIF balance SA?

The first step of knowing how much you can claim is by working out your daily rate of remuneration. For example, if you are earning monthly, multiply your monthly salary by twelve and divide by 365. The UIF payout system makes payments in the percentage of your earned salary while contributing to it.

How do I track my UIF claim SA?

You will receive a case number upon submitting your claim, please login to uFiling to check the progress or contact the call centre at 012 337 1680.

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