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How do I Check Matric Results ? has been enebled for students who wrote the October/November examination by the Department Of Basic Examination . Follow the Steps below to check Results .

2022 Matric Results Release Schedule

19 January 2023 – Minister to announce the results of the Class of 2022
20 January 2023 – Statement of results available at exam centres/schools
3 February 2023 – Last day to apply for remarking/rechecking of examination scripts
8 February 2023 – Last day to register for the 2023 May/June examinations
15 March 2023 – Last day to register for the 2023 October/November examinations

How to Check Matric Results

There are four (4) ways of checking matric results and we’ll be taking you through all the available channels.

How to Check Matric Results Online

Bear in mind that website traffic will be high on the release date, so expect delayed response times.

  • Log on to the Department of Basic Education’s website here.

You will need the following to log in:

  • Exam number (don’t misplace this during the holiday!)
  • Home Language
  • Your personal details (name, surname, etc.)

If you attended a public/government school, then your results will definitely be available on this site.

The IEB website and News24 will also have the results available.

How to Check Matric Results with Your Cell Phone

You can use your cell phone (or someone else’s) to receive your results. SABC Education and the Department of Basic Education have provided a service that allows you to get an SMS with your results.  Yep, it’s pretty awesome!  You can register and have your results sent to you as soon as they are released.  How? You have two options:

Register via SMS

  • Send your ID number and exam number to 45856
  • You’ll get a confirmation SMS once you’ve successfully registered.
  • SMS cost R1.50 per message
  • Get your matric results immediately when they are released

Use the USSD service

  • Dial *120*45856# and enter your exam number to register
  • Answer a few multiple questions
  • Enter your ID number
  • You will get your matric results per subject
  • USSD rates apply

How to Check Your Matric Results in Newspaper

Your results will be published in the Newspaper on the day of the release of the results. It will be in all of the big Newspaper brands, like The RapportThe Argus, and The Star.

Remember it will not be your full results. It will just state whether or not you passed and with what symbol you passed – B for Bachelors PassD for Diploma, etc.

How to Check Matric Result From Your High School

A day after the initial results are released, your school will give you your results. This is not the official matric certificate, it’s just your results for each subject. You will be able to fetch your official matric certificate in a few months – once it has been printed in full. If you are eager to get exact dates you should contact your school to find out further information.

How do I get my old matric results?

If you lost or damaged your original matric certificate, you must apply for replacement at the Department of Basic Education (DBE) or Provincial Education Department (PED) by completing the Replacement application form. You can request for the statement of results while waiting for the issue of your certificate.

Can I combine my matric results even if I failed?Unfortunately you cannot combine marks. You have to present both your original certificate and the one with the new marks when applying for tertiary education.

What happens if you fail two subjects in matric?

If you have failed more than two (2) subjects, you have two options:

  • (a) – you could apply at a school or private institution to re-do your matric year.
  • (b) – you can apply to a TVET College to obtain a National Certificate Vocational .

Is upgrading matric results a good thing?

Improving your marks will help open many doors for your future. By being able to reach a Bachelor’s Degree pass or a higher APS score, you will have more tertiary education opportunities. With a matric certificate, you are also more likely to find employment.

How many times can you rewrite matric?

You can apply to rewrite your matric year again, though you would have to wait slightly longer to achieve your academic goals. There are also Adult Matric and Matric Upgrade option for people who do not succeed in the second chance exams.

How can I get my matric result by SMS 2023?

  1. The USSD code is *120*35658#. …
  2. When you register for matric results using the SMS, send your ID and exam number to 35658.
  3. You will receive a confirmation message with your marks.
  4. For the mobile phone service, charges are applicable.

Contact Department Of Basic Examination

For more information contact the Department of Basic Education.

Address: 222 Struben Street, Pretoria
Call Centre: 0800 202 933 | sends e-mail)
Tel: 012 357 3000

E-mail: sends e-mail)
Tel: 012 357 4511/3

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