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How To Download Music Online

Last updated on April 12, 2022

How To Download Music Online

Learn How To Download Music below ; Downloading music online is now the trending way to get any music of choice without paying any amount in return ….Thus Scout Africa discovers the 7 Best Music Websites To Download Songs Legally for free .

Though You can find plenty of websites that let you download music for free not all of them are legal. So if you are looking for songs that can be availed safely and free of cost, then this article is recommended for you .

7 Best Free Music Websites To Download Songs

Here the the free mp3 music download sites 2022 Download Music Online ;


SoundCloud is a Swedish-founded online audio distribution platform and music sharing website that enables its users to upload, promote, and share audio, as well as a digital signal processor enabling listeners to stream audio.

Can I download music from SoundCloud?On Web, you can download tracks once you have signed in to your SoundCloud account by clicking on the download file button beneath the waveform. You can enable, or disable downloads for your listeners through your track’s Permissions tab.

How do I download free music on SoundCloud?

Log in to your SoundCloud account on the web, and find the song you want to download.

Under its waveform, under the comments, you’ll see some options – click More.

From the dropdown menu that appears, click Download file. And that’s it.

MP3 Juices

Mp3 & Mp4 Juices Music Download to Phone is an easy-to-use program that lets you download tracks and videos from a wide range of websites. Since the platform focuses on public sources, you don’t have to worry about copyright issues or the legality of files. For many years, websites like Napster have been the go-to sources for downloading music and videos. With Free Music Downloader, you can easily download and enjoy your favorite songs, videos, series, movies, and more. Unlike Music Download Center and MP3 Downloader, this tool allows you to search on multiple websites, providing you with more options for quick and free downloads.

ReverbNation is a website, launched in 2006, that focuses on the independent music industry. It aims to provide a central site for musicians, producers, and venues to collaborate and communicate. ReverbNation was bought for an undisclosed sum by music creation platform, BandLab, in November 2021.

How do I download music from ReverbNation?

Go to ReverbNation, copy the URL of your desired song and paste it to the download box.

If you cannot find the specific URL, just go back to the Method 2 and find it out.

Step 2. Click download button and it will automatically jump to a download page,

and just click the 3 dots icon to download ReverbNation music


Jamendo is a Luxembourg-based music website and an open community of independent artists and music lovers. A subsidiary of Belgian company AudioValley, and Independent Management Entity since 2019. Originally, Jamendo was a music platform under Creative Commons licenses.

Jamendo is an online music source that currently hosts over 300,000 tracks in various formats, all of which are completely free and legal to stream and download! New artists can publish their work there under a Creative Commons license, and you can have unlimited downloads of quality music.


SoundClick is a music-based social community. Songs can be streamed, downloaded in MP3 format, sold through the store, or licensed to others. SoundClick compiles daily charts for various genres, based on undisclosed factors.

How do I download music from SoundClick?

1) Open the official website of SoundClick and search for the song you want to download.

2) Click the Download button at the rear of the song to let SoundClick download music for you.

If the song is a paid-for one, then you need to accomplish the payment first.

Payment can be finished by credit cards of all kinds.


Audiomack is a youth-driven, artist-first music streaming platform that allows creators to share unlimited music and podcast content for free. Enjoy unlimited premium music offline when you subscribe to Audiomack Premium (I Want to Subscribe to Premium). If you are not ready for Audiomack premium, you can download 20 premium tracks at a time. We make it easy for you to replace and exchange your premium downloads within your offline list.

Can you download music for free on Audiomack?

Aside from this, Audiomack allows free music downloads by offering streaming and free download access to the newest and hottest tracks, right at your fingertips.


NoiseTrade is a global online audio and book direct-to-fan distribution platform. It is based in Nashville, Tennessee. It enables its users to upload original music and books and give away for free without digital rights management to anyone who provides at least an e-mail address and zip code.

To Download NoiseTrade Music, Copy And Paste URL

Step 1: Download NoiseTrade By Copying The URL

Open your web browser and search for the song you want to download on the NoiseTrade website, then copy the music URL.

Step 2: Paste The NoiseTrade Music URL

Select the “Video to MP3 downloader” button from the “Download” menu to open the download tool. Then paste the copied URL under the “URL” field box and set the desired format / quality. grab music, paste URL

Step 3: See Downloading Noisetrade Music

After that, the music will be added to “Downloading”. Under the “Download” tab, you can track download progress. download music, downloading process

Step 4: Review The Music You Download

After completing the download, go to the “Completed” tab to check out the downloaded NoiseTrade music. To see more options, just click the music file.

What is the best site to download free music?

There are several sites to download free music in 2022, such as SoundCloud, Jamendo, Beatstars, etc. You can refer to the list mentioned above to get songs for free.

How To Download Music Online?

To download mp3 files without breaking any law, you need to ensure that the site you’re visiting on your phone or computer is legal. Websites like Jamendo, SoundCloud,, etc., act as an excellent resource for new and upcoming talent. If you don’t have a very fast internet connection, I’ll further recommend you to use a download manager software.

Should I use VPN to download free songs?

If the website you’re visiting is 100% legal, you don’t need to use a VPN or other tools to hide your identity. However, you can use these services anyway to keep yourself safe online.

How do I download music from a website for free?

Visit any website that allows downloads, search for the track and download it.

Which is the safest site to download free music?

You can rely on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Internet Archive.

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