How To Get A Letter Of Authority In South Africa


How To Get A Letter Of Authority In South Africa:

How To Get A Letter Of Authority In South Africa:

What is Letter Of Authority?

A Letter of Authority (LOA) is a legal document that authorises a third party to correspond with service providers on behalf of you and your business.

The following reporting documents are require for letter of Authority

  • Completed death notice (form J294)
  • Original or certified copy of the death certificate
  • Original or certified copy of a marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • All original wills or documents intended as such (if any)
  • Next-of-kin affidavit if the deceased did not leave a valid will (form J192)
  • Completed inventory form (form J243)
  • List of creditors of deceased (if applicable)
  • Nominations by the heirs for the appointment of a Master’s representative in the case of an intestate estate or where no executor has been nominated in the will or the nominated executor declines the appointment.
  • Undertaking and acceptance of Master’s directions (form J155)
  • Declaration confirming that the estate has not already been reported to another Master’s Office or Magistrates Court.

When a person dies, their bank accounts are frozen to prevent theft and fraud. The representative must open a new bank account in the name of “Estate of Late Mrs X” so that your mother’s bank account is closed and the bank must transfer the money to the new “Estate Late Mrs X” bank account. The representative will need to provide the bank with the following documents:

  • Death Certificate
  • Deceased’s ID
  • Letter of authority or Letter of executorship
  • Appointed representative’s or executor’s ID

How long does it take to get letter of authority in South Africa?

Your letter of authority should be ready within four to six days.

How long does it take to issue a letter of authority?

The turnaround time for processing an LOA could take up to 120 calendar days, depending on the accuracy of the information submitted and payment of the applicable fee. 5. An application must be completed and signed by an applicant, or in case of organizations or companies, by an appointed proxy.

How much does a letter of authority cost in South Africa?

How much is a Letter of Authority in South Africa? Applications will only be considered once a non–refundable LOA fee of R 1800.00 has been received by NRCS.

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