How To Scan For Digital Channels On Nasco TV Sets

How To Scan For Digital Channels On Nasco TV Sets

To scan for Digital Channels on your Nasco TV Set, please make sure that your antennae are correctly connected to the jack at the back of your TV. Once you are certain about this, follow the steps below judiciously:

Press the ‘Menu’ key on your remote

Scroll through the menu using the left and right arrow. Then, select ‘Channel Settings.

Press the enter key on your remote

Select the down arrow to select ‘DTV Manual Tuning’

Press Enter to open DTV Manual Tuning Submenu

Select ‘All Channels’ and press enter

When your scan is done, press ‘Menu’ to return or press exit.

Scanning takes about 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

When scanning completes, your TV will display the number of channels found. If you want more channels, you can do another scan.


With the daily introduction of new television stations both locally and internationally, there is the need for owners of television sets especially Nasco TV owners to regularly scan for these new channels.
I believe this article was helpful in guiding you to scan for new digital and Satellite TV channels on your Nasco TV.
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