How To Scan For Satellite Channels On Nasco TV

How To Scan For Satellite Channels On Nasco TV

Scanning for Satellite Channels on your Nasco TV is very easy and doesn’t take so many steps to execute. Meanwhile, before you follow the steps below, make sure that an accredited dish installer has already installed your satellite dish and has connected it to your TV.

If that is already done, then you can follow the steps below to scan for new satellite TV Channels.
Press ‘Menu’ on your remote control.
Use the left and right arrow to select ‘Channel settings’ from the main menu and press Enter.
Use the Up and Down buttons on your remote to select ‘Auto-Tuning’ and press Enter.
Press the Ok button to search and save all Tv and Radio channels from the current TV source which is satellite channels automatically.

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How To Scan For Satellite Channels On Nasco TV

With the daily introduction of new television stations both locally and internationally, there is the need for owners of television sets especially Nasco TV owners to regularly scan for these new channels.
I believe this article was helpful in guiding you to scan for new digital and Satellite TV channels on your Nasco TV.
If you have any reservations, comments or enquiries, kindly leave them in the comment box below or get in touch with us.