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Authentic Instagram Makeup Artists(MUA) In Ghana


Authentic Instagram Makeup Artists(MUA) In Ghana

Authentic Instagram Makeup Artists(MUA) In Ghana – Back in the days , professional makeup was meant for the whites. In Africa most ladies prefer to be natural without applying any makeup. But as the world is changing to a digital world , Makeup has globally been attracted by most ladies in Africa . Thus we now have professional and authentic makeup Artists(MUA) everywhere on Instagram.

Authentic Instagram Makeup Artists(MUA) In Ghana

This article can help you save yourself from being scammed . Because the opportunity of servicing online has become one of the fastest way of marketing products , Scammers on the other side has obstruct the process making people believe all this Makeup Artists(MUA) on Instagram are scammers. But that is not so , we have genuine Instagram Makeup Artists In Ghana.

Before we continue with Authentic Instagram Makeup Artists In Ghana , Lets first consider the most asked question on Makeup Artists(MUA).

Who is a makeup artist ?

A makeup artist is an artist whose medium is the human body, applying makeup and prosthetics on others for theatre, television, film, fashion, magazines and other similar productions including all aspects of the modeling industry.

What do bridal makeup artists look for?

  • Find a Makeup Artist whose style speaks to you
  • Consider your desired level of service
  • Consider hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Rethink your friend’s offer to do your wedding makeup.
  • Choose a makeup artist whose personality suits your own.
  • Consider the products they use.
  • Don’t book your makeup artist based on price alone

What are the Authentic make up artist on Instagram in Ghana ?

Here are the list of the Authentic make up kits artists on Instagram in Ghana.

Valerie Lawson

View Valerie Lawson profile @mzl4wson on Instagram

Reggies Makeovers

View Reggies Makeovers profile @reggies_makeovers on Instagram

HB Elegance

View HB Elegance profile @hb__elegance on Instagram

Shades and Brushes

View Shades and Brushes profile @shadesandbrushes on Instagram

Ghana Makeup Studio

View Ghana Makeup Studio profile @nancyblaq on Instagram

Nana Asante Augustine

View Nana Asante Augustine profile @barimah_makeup_artistry on Instagram

Impressions Byeli

View Impressions Byeli profile @impressionsbyeli on Instagram

GH Abigail Amegatcher

View GH Abigail Amegatcher profile @shine_and_shadows on Instagram

SO Aesthetic Makeup

View SO Aesthetic Makeup profile @soaesthetics on Instagram

Makeupby Ashley1

View Makeupby Ashley1 profile @makeupby_ashley1 on Instagram

ASARE | Ghanaian Makeup Artist

View ASARE | Ghanaian Makeup Artist profile @thereal_asareprinceon Instagram


View ADJWOA APPIAH profile @ajvfaceup on Instagram


View MEADS BEAUTY profile @meadsmakeup on Instagram

Mrs BB

View Mrs BB profile @boatemaahmakeovers_ on Instagram

Kaan Artistry

View Kaan Artistry profile @kaan_artistry_on Instagram

Blush Avenue GH

View Blush Avenue GH profile @blushavenuegh_on Instagram

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