K Pop In South Africa

K Pop In South Africa

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What is K pop?

K-pop, short for Korean popular music, is a genre of music originating in South Korea as part of South Korean culture. 

K-pop ever come to South Africa?

World Festival in South Africa is back for 2022! This year, through the regional round in South Africa, the top 4 cover dance performers will have a good chance of being invited to join the Final Round contest (online) with the winners of the other regional rounds in October(TBC).

Is there a South African KPOP Idol?

Watch out, South Korea: South Africa’s Lindsay Katlego Setlema is coming for your dance scene! Setlema has just arrived back in South Africa after winning the People’s Choice Award at The Changwon K-Pop World Festival, a competition that showcases the best of K-Pop talent from around the world.

Who is No 1 K-pop?

1. BTS. The first K-pop group to perform at the American Music Awards and win a Billboard Music Award, and the first South Korean act to reach 10 million followers on Twitter, BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys and Beyond the Scene, has put the world under the K-pop spell!

Are there black kpop idols?

Alexandra Reid Varley (born March 5, 1989), professionally known as Alex Reid, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and model. She is a former member of the South Korean girl group BP Rania, becoming the first African-American idol in the South Korean music industry.