K Way In South Africa

K Way In South Africa

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What is k way?

What does K-Way stand for?

Instead K-Way comes from “Mister Krawitz’s way” – and refers to the late Philip Krawitz, who founded Cape Union Mart in 1933. Originally an “army and navy store”, the first outlet in Cape Town supplied visiting troops, whaling ships, and fishermen with all kinds of merchandise during the Second World War.

Is K-Way made in South Africa?

The clothing brand, which is part of Cape Union Mart, was founded in 1981. Products are manufactured in the Cape Town suburb of Ottery, where more than 200 staff produce 40,000 garments a month.

Where is K-Way from?

The brand K-WAY was born in Paris, in 1965, when, during a rainy winter day, the first sample is made of windproof and waterproof jacket. Since then K-way has always maintained its own identifiable and unsurpassed products, among which the famous waterproof and breathable jackets.

Who owns K-Way?

Cape Union Mart Group The K-Way outdoor and technical clothing brand is a division of Cape Union Mart Group, one of the largest family-owned retail chains in South Africa. K-Way brand clothing is exclusively sold in the group’s 70 stores. Its other, smaller, retail chains are Old Khaki and Poetry.

What brand is K-Way?

In 1999 it was acquired by Milan-based Multimoda Network. In February 2004 K-Way® was included in the BasicNet Group’s brand portfolio. K-Way® has reached such a popularity that today can be defined as one of the few very well-known and legally recognised brands, included as an entry in the Italian dictionary.

Who Started old khaki?

Labuschaigne explains that the original service philosophy of founder Philip Krawitz Snr remains: “When he started the business in the 1930s, he literally found his little store nestled between a large OK Bazaars and a Woolworths.