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KUC Admissions Requirements for Kings Business School

KUC Admissions Requirements for Kings Business School

Admission Requirements for Business Administration Programmes

Entry Routes

The University has four entry routes:

  1. Entry by means of the Senior High School Certificate Examination (Entry at Level 100)

  2. Entry by means of the Mature Students Examination or Interview (entry at level 100)

  3. Entry by means of the G.C.E. “O” level five (5) passes at (level 100) and “A” Level (entry at Level 200)

  4. Entry by means of part qualified professional certificates and tertiary level diplomas (Entry at Levels 200 and 300) depending on the assessment of the diploma or certificate.

The general admission requirements for the various entry routes are as follows;

  1. Post-Senior High School Candidates

  2. Candidates must have passes in six (6) subjects with an overall aggregate of (24) or better. Three of the six subjects must be Core Subjects (including English Language, Mathematics, and either Integrated Sciences or Social Studies), and three must be in electives relevant to the candidate’s proposed programmes of study. In addition, candidates must satisfy the specific requirements of the relevant Faculty.

  3. General Certificate of Education (G.C.E) Candidates

  4. Candidates must have credit passes at GCE “O” Level in five (5) subjects including English Language and Mathematics. In addition, candidates must have three (3) passes in the relevant subjects at the Advanced Level of which two must be at grades not lower than ‘D’. Faculties may have specific requirements in addition to the general requirements.

  5. Admission through Mature Students Examination

Mature students entry avenues to tertiary education provide opportunities for people who could not do so earlier in their lives to further their education at the tertiary level after some years in the workplace (preferably, the formal workplace). Such applicants should normally not exceed 5% (for Public Tertiary Educational Institutions) and 20% (for Private Tertiary Educational Institutions) of the total admissions of an institution in a given academic year. The applicant must :

  • be at least 25 years of old

  • show proof of age with birth certificate or any legitimate documentary proof of birth date which is at least 5 years old at the time of application.

  • provide introductory letter from employer or show any other proof of employment.

  • (for admission into chartered institutions) pass Mature Students’ Entrance Examinations conducted by the institution itself (English Language, Mathematics and Aptitude Test). In the case of non-chartered institutions, the examinations should be moderated and the marked scripts, vetted by their Mentor Institution. In lieu of such examinations, the applicant should show proof of credit passes in English and Mathematics in WASSCE or any other nationally recognised standard High School level examinations (for qualifications from countries outside WAEC’s aegis).

All foreign qualifications should be referred to the National Accreditation Board (NAB) for determination of equivalences and eligibility for admission to tertiary institutions in Ghana (National Accreditation Board Act, 2007 [Act 744 (2(2b)]). Note should be taken however that the American SAT, TOEFL etc. cannot in themselves be acceptable as entry qualifications into Ghanaian tertiary educational institutions.

For institutions willing to admit HND holders to undergraduate programmes, the applicant must have graduated with a good HND certificate (i.e. at least 2nd Class Lower Division ). In addition, the applicant must have acquired a 2-year post-HND qualification working experience. Institutions under mentorship should follow their Mentor Institutions’ practice with regard to entry levels for HND applicants.
HND candidates: The level of placement of candidates will depend on the match between the content of the diploma and KUC programmes. Where there is a good match, a minimum of Second Class Upper is required for admission to Level 300 (instead of to Level 200).

Other Diploma qualifications from elsewhere assessed to be equivalent to HND may be similarly considered.

Candidates who pass all papers in the Mature Examinations will be ranked and those who fall within the approved quota will be invited for interview.

Professional (Part Qualified) and Post-Diploma Candidates

The level of placement of professional certificate (part qualified) and tertiary diploma holders will depend on the assessment of their certificates or diplomas in relation to the programme desired. The general guidelines are as follows;

  • All professional (part qualified) and post-diploma candidates must have GCE “O” Level passes or SSSCE credit passes in English Language and Mathematics (Core for SSSCE)

  • Holders of Diplomas awarded by other Universities: The relevant faculties and departments will assess the curriculum content of the diploma in relation to the programme on case by-case basis.

  • Professional certificates: The placement level of candidates will depend on an assessment of the certificate by the relevant department or faculty


A  good first degree in any discipline with at least 2nd class lower or 3rd class with a minimum of 5 year work experience.

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