List Of Medical Aid Schemes In SA

List Of Medical Aid Schemes In SA

76 Registered List Of Medical Aid Schemes In SA , two fewer than in 2019 as a result of two mergers. Topmed Medical Scheme amalgamated with Fedhealth Medical Scheme on 1 August 2019, and Selfmed Medical Scheme amalgamated with Compcare Wellness Medical Scheme on 1 September 2019.

What are medical aid schemes?

Medical aid schemes are actually non-profit organisations, where resources are pooled by a large number contributing individuals who can then access this money when they need to pay for various medical expenses. … This money is then used to pay out medical claims made by members.

Which medical aid is the best in South Africa?

In the 2021 index, Bestmed emerges as the leader on overall customer satisfaction, with all other schemes performing on or below industry par. Based on the customer satisfaction ratings, Bestmed attained a score of 76.7, above the industry par score of 73.5.

What is the best affordable medical aid in South Africa?

SchemeCost for principle member
Discovery Health   Keycare CoreR665   – R1 281
Genesis Private   ChoiceR950
Momentum Custom   Option 1R1   152
FedHealth EntryzoneR1   179
Discovery Health   Essential Delta CoreR1   190
Discovery Health   Coastal CoreR1   302
Bonitas   BonEssentialR1   316
Resolution Health   Hospital PlanR1   375
Discovery Health   Smart PlanR1   397
Genesis PrivateR1   420
MediHelp Dimension   Prime 1R1   452
Discovery Health   Essential CoreR1   499
Momentum Custom   Option 2R1   557
FedHealth Maxima   CoreR1   695
Discovery Health   Classic CoreR1   745
Hospital Plan with Savings

These plans are the same as the above, but provide members with a limited savings account for day-to-day use.

SchemeCost for principle member
MediHelp UnifyR1   752
Genesis Private   PlusR1   800
Discovery Health   Essential SaverR1   862
Discovery Health   Coastal SaverR1   862
Discovery Health   Classic Delta SaverR1   872
Bonitas BonSaveR1   908
MediHelp Dimension   Prime 2R1   926
MedShield MediSaverR2   343
Discovery Health   Classic SaverR2   344
FedHealth Maxima   StandardR2   693
Momentum Extender Option   1R3   303
Resolution Health   MilleniumR3   592
Momentum Extender   Option 2R4   061

Hospital Plans with Day to Day Cover

These plans are the same as the above, but typically come with annual limits for day-to-day use, which fall away and are renewed at the end of each year.

SchemeCost for principle member
MedShield MediValueR1   392
Momentum Incentive   OptionR1   524
Momentum Access   OptionR1   693
Bonitas PrimaryR1   719
Resolution Health   Progressive FlexR1   910
FedHealth Maxima   BasisR2   223
Momentum Incentive   OptionR2   228
MedShield MediPlusR2   325
FedHealth Maxima   StandardR2   693
Bonitas StandardR2   683
GP Network Plan

These plans are typically designed for younger members entering the market for the first time, IHS said. Medical aids work with specific doctors frequented by members. The scheme prices vary depending on income.

SchemeCost for principle member
MediHelp Necce   (Full-time students)R396
Momentum Ingwe   Option (State network)R510   – R1 138
Discovery Health   Keycare AccessR586   – R1 695
Momentum Ingwe   Option (Ingwe network)R638   – R1 133
Momentum Ingwe   Option (Any)R829   – R2 029
Discovery Health   Keycare PlusR832   – R 1 734
MediHelp NecceR1   266 – R1 740
Comprehensive Medical Aid

These are the top-tier schemes that typically have unlimited hospital cover, and comprehensive day-to-day benefits.

SchemeCost for principle member
Genesis Private   ComprehensiveR2   175
FedHealth Maxima   StandardR2   693
Discovery Health   Classic PriorityR2   700
Momentum Extender   Option 1R3   303
Resolution Health   MilleniumR3   592
FedHealth Maxima   ExecutiveR3   639
Discovery Health   Classic Delta ComprehensiveR3   626
Resolution Health   SupremeR3   907
Discovery Health   Classic ComprehensiveR4   026
Momentum Extender   Option 2R4   061

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