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Accredited Maritime Schools In Nigeria

Accredited Maritime Schools In Nigeria

Accredited Maritime Schools In Nigeria – Find the best Maritime Schools In Nigeria Admissions Updates on Scout Africa. Find all academic courses details , admission requirements or cut off points , Admission Fees and online application For best Maritime Schools In Nigeria .

What is A maritime education ?

Maritime Education and Training (MET) is defined as an educational system which aimed to provide seafarers for merchant vessels. Latest perspective, when the development of shipping industry significantly contributes globally, anew outlook tore define the concept of MET from a broader .

How much do marine engineers earn in Nigeria?

A person working as a Marine Engineer in Nigeria typically earns around 310,000 NGN per month. Salaries range from 164,000 NGN (lowest) to 471,000 NGN (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Accredited Maritime Schools In Nigeria

The Crown Marine Academy

This marine academy is highly recognized and accredited to provide professional and academic training programme in verity of the maritime sector. They offer courses like maritime transportation, resources and administration management.

The African Maritime Academy

This marine academy was formed to assist and train the youth in various marine skills which will enable them to be job ready. The school which is located in oyo state of Nigeria has state of the art facilities in marine training with lots of courses to offer students.

Global Maritime Academy Of Nigeria

This maritime academy which has their main campus in ugheli south local government of delta state, offers programme and courses for both part time and full time students. Their courses includes ND in marine engineering, security management and technology, shipping management, etc.

The Merchant Navy Maritime Academy

This happens to be one of the private maritime school in Nigeria. This accredited marine school offers course in marine education which includes natural sciences, marine engineering, shipping management, etc.

Please all aspiring student should note that to be successful in any of the above maritime school, you would require discipline and dedication. Most of the marine school practice like the military, so you need to be disciplined.

The Delta State School Of Maritime Technology

This school of maritime technology located in burutu, delta state, is one of the best accredited marine school in Nigeria. It offers wide range of courses that includes oil and gas engineering, marine engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, ship and boat building.

The Federal College Of Fisheries And Marine Technology

This college has varieties of courses student can choose from, courses which includes marine transportation, horticulture, marine engineering, industrial and labour studies, fisheries technology, etc.

Star Maritime Academy Lagos

This institution have wide range of marine courses that meet the need of maritime sector. They have short courses which includes shipping practice, marine administration, cargo handling, etc.

The Maritime Academy Of Nigeria, Oron:

This is the first on our list, it offers HND, OND and post graduate studies. it happens to be one of the best accredited maritime school in Nigeria. The school which is located in oron in akwa- ibom state also run ND in marine transportation and business studies, a post graduate diploma in marine transport technology.

The Certified Institute Of Shipping

This institute has lots of expert tutor in shipping management and school of marine technologies. This institute is highly recommended and it’s also accredited.

There are more of these Accredited Maritime Schools In Nigeria , See Details Here.

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