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Mauritius Squad / Football Players

Last updated on March 27, 2022

Mauritius Squad / Football Players

Who are the Mauritius Squad / Football Players ? The Mauritius national football team, nicknamed Club M and Les Dodos, is the national team of Mauritius. They are overseen by the Mauritius Football Association and are members of FIFA, the Confederation of African Football, and the Council of Southern Africa Football Associations. The head coach is Boualem Mankour.

List Of Mauritius Squad 

Here are the List Of Squad in Mauritius and their Positions in the team ;

Mauritius Squad Position
Loic MichelGoalkeeper
Christophe LouisGoalkeeper
Dawson Sophiedefence
Adriano Maison Rougedefence
Yannick Aristidedefence
Ryan GentilCentre-Back
Didier LegrandCentre-Back
Damien BalissonLeft-Back
Jeffrey AntoineLeft-Back
Adrien PitchenRight-Back
David Aristidemidfield
Aurélien Perlemidfield
Kengy Saramandifmidfield
Princeley Boudeusemidfield
Jordan FrançoisDefensive Midfield
Jean Hansley PatateCentral Midfield
Central MidfieldAdrien Botlar
Lousi Derek Tareattack
Jason FerreLeft Winger
Adrien FrancoisRight Winger
Alexandro JolicoeurCentre-Forward
Adriano Chiu Chung FatCentre-Forward

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