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Mulungushi University Hostel Accommodation Fees

Mulungushi University offers a variety of hostel accommodation options for students. The fees for hostel accommodation vary depending on the type of room and the length of stay.

Undergraduate Students

  • Single Room: K6,000 per semester
  • Double Room: K4,500 per semester
  • Triple Room: K3,500 per semester

Postgraduate Students

  • Single Room: K7,000 per semester
  • Double Room: K5,500 per semester
  • Triple Room: K4,500 per semester

Additional Fees

  • Damage Deposit: K500
  • Laundry Fee: K200 per month
  • Internet Fee: K100 per month

Please note:

  • These fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Students may be required to pay a security deposit to secure their hostel accommodation.
  • Students are responsible for their own meals and transportation costs.

For more information on Mulungushi University hostel accommodation, please contact the university’s hostel office.

How To Pay For Mulungushi University Hostel Accommodation Fees

Mulungushi University Hostel Accommodation Fees

To pay for Mulungushi University hostel accommodation fees, students can follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the hostel invoice: Contact the university’s hostel office to request an invoice for your hostel accommodation fees. The invoice should include your student number, name, hostel room number, and the total amount due.
  2. Choose a payment method: Mulungushi University accepts a variety of payment methods for hostel accommodation fees. These methods may include:
  • Bank deposit: Make a bank deposit into the university’s designated bank account using the details provided on the invoice.
  • Mobile money transfer: Transfer the hostel accommodation fees using mobile money services such as Airtel Money or MTN Mobile Money.
  • Cash payment: Make a cash payment at the university’s bursary office.
  1. Provide payment confirmation: Once you have made the payment, provide the payment confirmation details to the university’s hostel office. The confirmation details may include a copy of the bank deposit slip, mobile money transaction receipt, or cash payment receipt.
  2. Collect the hostel accommodation receipt: Upon confirmation of payment, the hostel office will issue a hostel accommodation receipt to the student. The receipt serves as proof of payment and should be kept for future reference.

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