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Breaking ; Nov/Dec Results Is Out Now

The eagerly awaited moment has arrived! The Nov/Dec results are out, and it’s time to celebrate academic success. These results represent an important turning point in the academic journey, regardless of whether you’re a student, parent, or educator. In this post, we’ll examine the most recent developments, go over preparation techniques, and offer advice on how to evaluate and utilise your Nov./Dec. scores.

We would like to state categorically that the WASSCE for School Candidates is made available to only students who are in recognized public/private schools, and have gone through 3 years of senior high school education. 

How are Nov/Dec Results calculated?

The calculation of Nov/Dec results may vary depending on the specific educational system, examination board, or country.


ENGLISH LANGUAGE                                                A1                                  EXCELLENT
SOCIAL STUDIES                                                         B2                                  VERY GOOD
ELECTIVE MATHEMATICS.                                     B3                                   GOOD
CORE MATHEMATICS                                               A 1                                  EXCELLENT
GENERAL SCIENCE                                                    B2                                  VERY. GOOD
FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING.                                      A1                                   EXCELLENT
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT                                       B2                                  VERY. GOOD
ECONOMICS.                                                                 B2                                  VERY. GOOD

Here, to obtain your grade, you will take the first best core ( English, Mathematics, and Social Studies) => A1 + A1 + B2 = 4.

Now Look through your results and get 3 best elective subjects ( Financial Accounting, Business Management, Economics) => A1 + B2 + B2 = 5.

(English + Mathematics + Social Studies) + ( Financial Accounting + Business Management + Economics)

=> 1+1+2+1+2+2 = 9.

How To Check Nov/Dec Results Online

To check Nov/Dec results online, follow these general steps:

  1. Visit the official website: Visit the official website of the organisation in charge of administering the tests in November and December. Usually, your school or college will provide you this information, or you can look online for it.
  2. Look for the “Results” or “Examination” section: Once you’re on the website, navigate to the section that specifically relates to exam results. This section may be prominently displayed on the homepage or listed under a specific category or menu option.
  3. Enter required information: In the results section, you’ll likely be prompted to enter certain information to access your Nov/Dec results. This information may include your examination session (Nov/Dec), your roll number, registration number, date of birth, or any other unique identifier provided to you by the examination board or institution.
  4. Submit the information: Enter the required details accurately and double-check for any mistakes or typos. Once you’re confident that the information entered is correct, submit the form or click the “Check Results” or similar button on the website.
  5. View and download your results: After submitting the information, the website will retrieve your Nov/Dec results. They may be displayed directly on the webpage or provided as a downloadable document (e.g., PDF) that you can save or print for future reference. Some websites may also provide an option to receive results via email or SMS.
  6. Check result analysis, if available: In addition to the individual subject-wise grades or marks, the results portal may offer analysis or additional information related to your performance. This could include overall percentage, grade point average (GPA), subject-wise rankings, or any other relevant details depending on the examination board’s policies.
  7. Verify and cross-check: Examine your Nov./Dec. findings thoroughly once you gain access to them to confirm accuracy. Check to see if your expectations are met and the information you were given during the exam procedure corresponds with the personal information, subjects, and grades/marks displayed..

Which month does NovDec results come out?

The date that the Nov./Dec. results are released can change based on the educational system, the exam board, and the nation. Nonetheless, the results for November and December are frequently made public in January or February of the succeeding year.

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