Overview Of Alexkor

Overview Of Alexkor

Overview Of Alexkor

Alexkor was established in terms of the Alexkor Limited Act, No. 116 of 1992, and amended by the Alexkor Amendment Act, No. 29 of 2001. Alexkor is a listed schedule 2 public entity wholly owned by the government through the Minister of Public Enterprises being the shareholder representative. The company has two divisions or business units, which are the Alexander Bay Mining (Alexkor RMC JV) and the Alexkor corporate unit. The mining division is the core business of the company, exploiting a large land-based diamond resource and extensive diamondiferous marine deposits.

While Alexkor, as a commercialized state asset, is not perceived as a strategic asset in the national sense, it has significant strategic importance for the Namaqualand region.

The core business of Alexkor is the mining of diamonds on land, along rivers, on beaches and in the sea along the north-west coast of South Africa. These activities are complemented by geology, exploration, ore reserve planning, rehabilitation and environmental management.

The non-core business activities comprises of residential services, community services, outside engineering services, external transport services, guest houses, fuel station and an airport.

The management of considerable investment funds, together with the traditional supporting services (information system, human resources, etc.), constitutes additional non-core business activities.

Alexkor’s distinctive competencies are its quality of diamonds and it’s unique land and mineral resources. Over the life of the mine approximately 10,000,000 cts of gemstone quality diamonds have been recovered.

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