Price Of Balenciaga In South Africa

Price Of Balenciaga In South Africa

What is the Average Price Of Balenciaga In South Africa ? Balenciaga shoes, also known as sneakers, tennis shoes or trainers, are exorbitantly expensive. With some of them going for as much as $950. The Balenciaga brand name is a luxury-brand name just like Gucci, Versace-it’s like the more you spend on it, the doper it’s got to be. Brand names make people feel important and able to show off.

Do we have Balenciaga in South Africa?

Balenciaga available in South Africa from The Apsley Group

Prices of Balenciaga in South Africa

Here is a list of some of the Balenciaga shoes in South Africa and how much they cost:

  • Balenciaga Triple S clear sole Daddy Sneaker – R4,000
  • Balenciaga neon green sneakers – R3,499
  • Designer Balenciaga Groovy Camo Sock Speed Trainers – R3,699
  • Speed Trainer Balenciaga Socks – R3,500
  • Balenciaga Sneakers – R2,000
  • Balenciaga Speed Trainers – R1,600
  • Iconic Balenciaga heels with gems – R6,500

Is Balenciaga more expensive than Gucci?

Looking at Balenciaga vs Gucci, Gucci products are more expensive than Balenciaga products. Well, according to history, Gucci had always been accustomed to high-priced products and maintained that legacy. … Gucci handbag with many designs and symbols has a price range of about 1000 to 7400 US Dollars.

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