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Prices Comparison For All Dstv packages In GH

Last updated on March 22, 2022

Prices Comparison For All Dstv packages In GH

What are the Prices Comparison For All Dstv packages In GH ? DStv,a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice has become one of the world broadcast satellite that gives out the best Packages for its Customers . Thus here is the complete Prices Comparison For All Dstv packages and channels in Ghana.

What are the different DStv packages In GH?

The DsTV provider has seven packages: Premium, Family, Compact, Compact Plus, Access, EasyView, and Indian. While different DStv packages and prices vary, they are all placed in balanced groups with channels that suit various family members.

What is the difference between DStv Compact Plus and Premium?Compact Plus sits between DStv Premium and DStv Compact, and offers sport, general entertainment, and kids channels. Its monthly fee remains R489 and its channels list is untouched, but MultiChoice said the name change eliminates confusion between the Extra package and the DStv XtraView service

Can I choose my own channels on DStv?No, 

Dstv does not allow their subscribers to choose the channels of their choice. It will be very difficult for Dstv to allow its customer to select channels of their own choice. That is because most of the channels on Dstv are paid channels that Multichoice does not own them.

What are the prices of DStv packages In GH?

Here is the updated List of Dstv packages and channels In Ghana ;

DStv has six (6) subscription packages for Ghanaians right now with the premium package as the most expensive at GHS 330 monthly and the DStv Access Bouquet costing GHS 40 monthly.

  • DStv Ghana Premium Package costs GHS 350/month with 185 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Compact Plus Package costs GHS 215/month with 172 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Compact Package costs GHS 145/month with 165 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Family Package costs GHS 80/month with 139 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Access Package costs GHS 45/month with 124 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Indian Bouquet GHS 135/month with 15+ Channels.
Dstv Ghana Premium Package Cost GHS – 350/month

What are the channels on Dstv Ghana Premium? The Dstv Ghana Premium Package includes Over 185 channels with the cost of GHS 350/month .It features the best entertainment experience coming from all communities in the world. It is powered by cutting edge technology to enable the citizens to have access to a pleasant viewing experience. It contains the widest variety of entertainment channels in Africa. It boasts of providing more than 30 CD-quality audio channels and 100 world-class entertaining television channels on the menu.

DStv Ghana Compact Plus Package Cost – GHS 215/month

What are the channels on Dstv Ghana Compact Plus? The Dstv Ghana Compact Plus Package includes Over 172 channels with the cost of GHS 215/month . There are about 20 channels to enjoy in the Sports category which is included in the premium package.

DSTV Ghana Compact Package Cost – GHS 145/month

DStv Ghana Compact package gives you access to a wide variety of programmes and hours of entertainment in the comfort of your own home. The cost of subscription for DSTV compact in Ghana is GHS145/month. With this subscription, you have the opportunity to enjoy 165 channels across the world.

DStv Ghana Indian Bouquet Package Cost – GHS 135/month

The DStv Ghana Indian Bouquet is a collection of Indian content channels ranging from general entertainment to documentaries lifestyle and news channels. It costs GHS 135/month with 15+ Channels.

DSTV Ghana Family Package Cost – GHS 80/month

This is a whole DSTV family package which was deliberately designed to give your family all they need to be entertained at a very affordable price per month. It costs GHS80 per month. With DStv Family package you have access to 139 Channels across the globe. This is to make family time more entertaining and relaxing.

DSTV Ghana Access Package Cost – GHS 45/month

DStv Access package is the cheapest DsTV Package in Ghana Costing GHS 45/Month, designed to offer choice and value for money. DStv Access introduces an exciting viewing experience with a wide variety of categories from Movies & Entertainment, News & Commerce to Culture, Religion and Lifestyle.

How do I change my DStv package?

Whenever you want to upgrade your DStv package, you can simply do so by typing “Upgrade” + (your smartcard number) + (preferred package) and sending via SMS to 1731.

How do I downgrade my DSTV package?When you upgrade, you need to pay in the difference between your current package and the upgraded package for the time left until your next payment date. You can downgrade once a month on the day your subscription payment is due. You can log onto Self Service and request for us to schedule this downgrade for you.

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