What Is The Quadruple Burden Of Disease In South Africa


What Is Quadruple Burden Of Disease In South Africa ? South Africa has a quadruple burden of disease which includes a high HIV prevalence and a growing burden of non-communicable diseases.

What is burden of disease in South Africa?

The SAMRC’s Burden of Disease Research Unit collects and analyses data on South Africa’s health status to estimate and monitor the burden of disease (the impact of health problems) and factors associated with the health of the population.

What is the number one killer disease in South Africa?

HIV/AIDS was the fifth ranked disease, causing 21,439 casualties. In total, roughly 20.6 million people in East and Southern Africa lived with HIV in 2018, causing over 300,000 AIDS-related deaths.

Leading causes of death in South Africa in 2017, by number of deaths.

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Importance Of Quadruple Burden Of Disease In South Africa

South Africa faces a quadruple burden of disease resulting from communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS and TB; maternal and child mortality; NCDs such as hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, mental illnesses and chronic lung diseases like asthma; as well as injury and trauma.

Frequently Asked Questions About Age Of Consent In South Africa

What is triple disease burden?

Women, unlike men, are subjected to triple burden of disease, namely, non-communicable and communicable diseases and reproductive health related diseases.

What is the highest burden of disease?

Cardiovascular disease, cancer, muscoskeletal disorders and mental and substance use disorders form the top four health burdens across many upper-middle and high-income nations.

Which diseases has been described as a double burden for Africa?

Abstract. Africa has the unenviable challenge of dealing with a double burden of disease: infectious diseases (IDs) such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis are high while non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are rapidly rising in the region. Populations with increased susceptibility to both include migrants.

What kills the most humans in South Africa?

#1: Mosquito

These diseases include Malaria, Dengue Fever, and Yellow Fever. Malaria alone kills more than 3,000 African children each day.

What are the 4 major diseases?

Cardiovascular diseases account for most NCD deaths, or 17.9 million people annually, followed by cancers (9.3 million), chronic respiratory diseases (4.1 million), and diabetes (2.0 million including kidney disease deaths caused by diabetes).

Source ; scoutafrica.net

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