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Ready Loan Available on Vodafone Cash – Quickly Register Now

Ready Loan Available on Vodafone Cash . Do you know that You can get a quick loan from your vodafone cash today ? Quickly Register Ready Loans on Vodafone cash by dialling *110*5# and select option 3 to register .

What You Need To Know About Vodafone Ready Loans By CBG

Here are list of items you need to know About

Ready Loan Information

What is Ready Loan ?

Ready loan is a credit facility available ton all vodafone customers who are very active on the vodafone network and vodafone cash .

Ready Loan Eligibility

To qualify for Ready Loan , you must be 18 years old and active on Vodafone Cash.

Ready Loan Fees and Rate

You will be charge a fixed monthly interest rate for your Ready loan and a penal interest when you default on repayment .

Ready Loan Repayment

Your Ready loan is fixed for 30 days , However you can always make payments before the due date .

How do I get Bigger Loans on Ready Loan ?

Simply increase your ctivities on the vodafone cash and vodafone network . Ensure your payment for ready loan and other bills are made on time.

What Happens If I do not pay back my ready loan on time or at all ?

A late payment charge will be applied and your information will be submitted to credit related institutions and blacklisted .

Ready Loan Terms And Conditions

Accepting the terms and conditions means you agree to receiving information on Vodafone . You Agree that Vodafone can share your personal information and credit information with authorised parties for regulatory , collection and commercial purposes . By signing Up it means you have accepted the terms and conditions as stated at

How To Request For Ready Loan
  1. Dial *110*5# and select option 3.
  2. Select 1 for ready loan .
  3. Select 1 to opt In .
  4. Confirm process by dialing your Four digit Number .

Why Does Vodafone Ready Loan Keeps on declining my Loan ?

If you have an outstanding owings on vodafone network , whether it being SOS credit , Data borrowings etc…Sorry You are not eligible for the vodafone ready loan. You can make more enqiures by contacting Vodafone Ghana .

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