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Explore The Top Unforgettable Romantic Places To Visit In Nigeria

What are the Romantic Places To Visit In Nigeria ? As Being romantic is about expressing love and dedication in a way that’s intentional, unmistakable, and deeply affectionate. Are you a couple looking for the best romantic places in nigeria to create good memories whether its being a honeymoon , holiday , Vacation …..? Dont worry scout Africa will help you scout the best Romantic Scenes To Visit In Nigeria and the romantic things you can do In Nigeria.

Does Nigeria have resorts?Nigeria, a home for tourist, has got some of the amazing resorts that offer not just beautiful attractions but also beautiful architecture with high-class accommodation facilities that are cosy and sure to transform your holiday into an unforgettable experience.

Top 5 Romantic Places For Couples To Visit In Nigeria

Scout Africa discovers the Top 5 places For couples to Visit in Nigeria. Read This Article and scout at any of these romantic places for couples in Nigeria. . Lets Get Started !

1. Have Fun At The La Campagne Tropicana, Lagos
1. Have Fun At The La Campagne Tropicana, Lagos

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is focused on presenting African hospitality and culture in a cosmopolitan manner. The resort boasts of a clean beach, lagoon and mangrove forest that provide visitors with the opportunity to observe, at close quarters, a wide variety of tropical Flora and fauna that include snake trees, mangroves, various species of epiphytes, monkeys, squirrels, bats, and various species of birds such as kingfishers, sea hawks, egrets and ducks.T hus Couples can start having fun at the The La Campagne Tropicana, Lagos as the first on their list to help energise their travel in Nigeria.

2. Visit Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) is a 78-hectare (190-acre) Natural Resource Conservation in Lekki, Lagos State Nigeria. The entrance fee is 1000 NGN ,plus of you want to walk over the longest canopy bridge in Africa is additional 1000 NGN. You can organize your picnic there ,and have some family activities.When visiting the Lekki Conservation Centre, it is advisable to wear weather-appropriate clothes; tees and shorts during the dry season and windbreakers, hoodies or sweaters in the green season (don’t forget your umbrellas!). Since the temperature is mostly warm in the dry season, it is best to wear light clothing.It’s the perfect place for couples to visit on a nice day and stroll around Visit Lekki Conservation Centre.

3.  Date Night At 788 on the sea

788 on the Sea at Twinwaters offers a memorable and exclusive seafood experience in Lagos with scintillating sea view ambience that is derived from its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. 

”An elegant, chilled and romantic place to grab dinner with your loved ones. The ocean view is beautiful, the minimalist interior design is impressive and the tables are well spaced making it look very comfortable. More importantly the food is great and the waiters know their onus. I’ll definitely recommend 788onthesea for that romantic date.”A review on 788 on the seat on the google search.

4. Have Fun at the Kamp Ikare Resort

Kamp Ikare is a beach resort situated on a stretch of Lagos coast near Ikare village and it’s only accessible by boat. The resort is a main communal beach house 6 duplex cabins positioned around a swimming pool and just meteres from the sea. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort -Kamp ikare beach gate fee is not less than N1000 . This also makes the list as one of the best beaches in lagos if you want to relax while enjoying coll breeze. It is a romantic place to be with your spouse.

5. A Walk Through Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens

Jhalobia Recreation Park & Gardens is a haven of carefully planned park and garden space with its beautiful, unspoilt, tranquillity in the heart of boisterous Lagos.

As Colors in flowers represent different emotions that can assist you in improving different relationships. For instance, pink flowers represent the spirit of friendship and orange is the color of joy and happiness. Reds are romantic and yellow and pastel flowers show compassion. TheJhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens is full of Colourful flowers , Thus a stroll through should be an important thing to do for couples to help strenthen their relationships .

Conclusion enjoy your stay in any of these Places To Visit In Nigeria for Couples whether its being a vacation , holiday , Honeymoon etc.…Have a nice day !

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