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Saida Oil and Gas Ghana Company Limited Services

Saida Oil and Gas Ghana Company Limited Services

Fundamentally, Saida Oil and Gas Ghana Company Ltd. specializes in the FinanceTrading of CrudeExploration and Drilling of Crude OilShipping and refined Petroleum products in the Ghanaian market. We operate in two of the world’s three main petroleum markets; crude oil and refined oil products. As one of the leading suppliers of petroleum products, Saida Oil & Gas has secured and traded in a wide range of petroleum products.
At Saida Oil & Gas, clients are guaranteed of, and thrilled to, an aggressive advantage in the market. Backed by its immeasurable experience and access within the market, we are thereby able to distribute our products in an effective and efficient way.
Saida Oil & Gas has attracted an enviable market share throughout the country and in various places around the globe. Key to sustaining these customers, Saida Oil & Gas has satellite operational distribution depots in Tema, Buipe, Kumasi and Takoradi.This we do with a very dedicated and robust supply chain management to deliver customer satisfaction throughout the retail network.


The registered office of the Company, which is also the Head Office, is located in Accra. The direct managers of the exploration and lifting of the crude will move to the premises as soon as the administration building is complete. SOGGL operates in exploration and lifting of oil and gas and deliver to any part of the world.
If you are an oil/energy company, you’ll appreciate our tailor-made operational activities. Our integrated Oil and Gas Company, engaged in adding value to the nation’s hydrocarbon resources for the benefit of all Ghanaians and other stakeholders.


Saida Oil and Gas Ghana Company Ltd. is set up as a petroleum company that focuses on the upstream, midstream and, downstream sectors of the dynamically developing oil and gas industry in Ghana. The exploration and lifting of crude oil and gas are the core businesses of the company. The aim of SOGGL is to become one of the leading companies in the industry in Ghana by exploring and delivering crude to local and export markets and contribute to minimize frequent petroleum products shortages in Ghana.
The Company shall implement new technologies together with best world practices in its operations. This combination will deliver not only quality products, but also minimize the negative ecological effect from crude oil exploration and lifting and the use of fossil fuels. Depending on the quality of the crude oil SOGGL can deliver up to 85 to 95% of light fractions.
The investment is not limited to modern equipment importation, but also the transfer of know-how. Saida Oil and Gas Ghana Company Ltd. is managed by locals who shall be taught by experienced foreign technical managers.



The rapid growth of our shipping operations has provided strong support to our international trading business of crude oil, refined products, petrochemicals, and natural gas.
Saida Oil & Gas is proud of its worldwide relationships which enables it to move oil almost anywhere around the glode. We regularly use our vessels and also chartered vessels of all sizes to transport our cargoes, and these are insured with first class insurance companies granting us and our receivers the security they are looking for.
Our dedicated staff ensures that all is done with utmost professionality and dedication. Our logistics team operates seamlessly with our trading desks to manage freight exposures and to add safety and efficiency to our physical transactions.


Our in depth expertise, combine with our extensive credit lines as well as our own strong financial condition allows us to offer a variety of transactional structures enbling us to provide valuable solutions to our clients.
Our strong liquid capital structure enables us to provide our clients the working capital they require by extending payment terms using a variety of structures. We are also able to provide our crude oil and petroleum products producers pre-export financing.
Saida Oil & Gas regulary works with its suppliers to develop structures that provide them with maximum access to liquidity as well as giving us the financial transparency and security we require.
We bank with all the major trade financing banks.


Saida Oil & Gas‘s has long term contracts and established relationships with numerous crude oil producing companies around the world. Our sourcing is also based on offtake agreements which we have in place with our refinery section. Our extensive expertise and our flexible financial conditions enables us to provide a variety of transactional structures providing valuable solutions to our clients.
While the essence of our trading is exploration, drilling and shipping, we have evolved in numerous ways to assist our counterparties and meet their most specific requirements.
The volume of oil required is decided on a weekly basis improving cash flows and we are also able to offer extended payment terms as well as pre-export financing. Our lean structure helps us to make rapid decisions in today’s fast evolving world.

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