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Senior High Schools In Eastern Region

Last updated on September 10, 2021

Senior High Schools In Eastern Region

How Many Senior High Schools In Eastern Region do we have ? The Eastern Region Of Ghana has about 90 Senior High Schools in the region.

How many Senior High Category A are in Eastern Region? Category A Senior High In Koforidua is reported to be nine (9) from the total of 90 public Senior High Schools in the region as released by the Ghana Education Service.

What is meant by Category A Schools ?

They are termed as the best senior High Schools in terms of facilities , structures , academic performance , etc…

What is meant by Category B Schools ?

They are termed are the second best senior High Schools in terms of facilities , structures , academic performance , etc…

What is meant by Category C Schools ?

They are termed are the average senior High Schools in terms of facilities , structures , academic performance , etc…

Full List Of Senior High Schools In Koforidua Region Of Ghana

Here is the complete list of senior high schools in the Eastern Region Of Ghana ; Details , Location , Category , etc….

Name Of SchoolDistrictLocationCategory
Aburi Girls Senior HighAkwapim SouthAburiA
Adonten Senior HighAkwapim SouthAburiB
Presby Senior High/TechAkwapim SouthAburiC / Technical
Diaspora Girls’ Senior HighAkwapim SouthObodan NsawamC
Okuapeman Senior HighAkwapim NorthAkropongA
Methodist Girls Senior HighAkwapim NorthMamfeB
Benkum Senior HighAkwapim NorthLarteh AkwapimB
Nifa Senior HighAkwapim NorthAdukromB
Mampong/Akw Snr. High/Tech
for the Deaf
Akwapim NorthMampong/Akw Snr.C / Technical
Presby Senior HighAkwapim NorthMampong AkwapimC
Presby Senior High/TechAkwapim NorthLarteh KubeaseC / Technical
H’Mount Sinai Senior HighAkwapim NorthAkropongC
Presby Senior High/Tech,
Akwapim NorthAdukromC / Technical
Mangoase Senior HighAkwapim NorthMangoaseC
St. Rose’s Senior HighDenkyembourAkwatiaA
Tarkrosi Comm Senior HighDenkyembourTarkrosiC
Salvation Army Senior HighDenkyembourAkim WenchiC
Ofori Panin Senior HighEast Akim MunicipalKukurantumiA
Abuakwa State CollegeEast Akim MunicipalKibiB
Kibi Senior High/TechEast Akim MunicipalKibiB / Technical
Saviour Senior HighEast Akim MunicipalOsiemB
W.B.M. Zion Senior High,East Akim MunicipalOld TafoB
Akim Asafo Senior HighEast Akim MunicipalAkim AsafoC
Apedwa Presby Senior HighEast Akim MunicipalApedwaC
St. Stephen’s Presby Snr.
East Akim MunicipalAsiakwaC
St. Peter’s Senior HighKwahu EastNkwatiaA
Nkwatia Presby Senior High/ComKwahu EastNkwatiaB
Kwahu Tafo Senior HighKwahu EastKwahu TafoB
St. Dominic’s Senior High/TechKwahu EastPepeaseB
Mpraeso Senior HighKwahu SouthMpraesoB
Kwahu Ridge Senior HighKwahu SouthObo-KwahuB
Bepong Senior High SchoolKwahu SouthBepongC
St. Paul’s Senior HighKwahu SouthAsakraka
Fodoa Comm. Senior HighKwahu West MunicipalFodoa NkawkawC
Maame Krobo Comm. Senior
Kwahu SouthMaame
St. Fidelis Senior High/TechKwahu SouthTeaseC / Technical
Krobo Girls Senior HighLower Manya KroboOdumaseA
Manya Krobo Senior HighLower Manya KroboNew NuasoB
Akro Senior High/TechLower Manya KroboOdumaseC
Akuse Methodist Senior High/TechLower Manya KroboAkuseC
Ghana Senior High, KoforiduaNew Juaben MunicipalKoforiduaA
Koforidua Senior High/TechNew Juaben MunicipalKoforiduaA
Pope John Snr. High & Min. Sem.New Juaben MunicipalKoforiduaA
Pentecost Senior HighNew Juaben MunicipalKoforiduaB
S.D.A Senior High, KoforiduaNew Juaben MunicipalAsokore KoforiduaB
Oyoko Methodist Senior HighNew Juaben MunicipalOyokoB
New Juaben Senior High/ComNew Juaben MunicipalKoforiduaB
Oti Boateng Senior HighNew Juaben MunicipalAda/KoforiduaB
Mem-Chemfre Comm. Senior
Afram Plains
(Kwahu North)
Donkorkrom Agric Senior HighAfram Plains
(Kwahu North)
Akwamuman Senior HighAsuogyamanAtimpoku- AkosomboB
Boso Senior High TechnicalAsuogyamanBosoC
Anum Presby Senior HighAsuogyamanAnumC
Apeguso Senior HighAsuogyamanApegusoC
Adjena Senior High/TechAsuogyamanAdjenaC
Kwabeng Anglican Senior High/TechAtiwaKwabengB
S.D.A. Senior High. Akim SekyereAtiwaAkim SekyereC
Kraboa-Coaltar Presby Snr. High/Tech.AyensuanoKraboa-CoaltarC
Anum Apapam Comm. DayAyensuanoAnum ApapamC
St. Martin’s Senior High, NsawamNsawam AdoagyiriNsawamB
Nsawam Senior HighNsawam AdoagyiriNsawamC
St. Francis Senior High/Tech, Akim
Birim Central MunicipalOdaB
Oda Senior HighBirim Central MunicipalOdaB
Attafuah Senior High/TechBirim Central MunicipalAkim OdaB
Atweaman Senior HighBirim Central MunicipalAkim MansoC
Akroso Senior High/TechBirim Central MunicipalAkrosoC
St. Michael’s Senior High, Akoase
Birim NorthAkoase, NkawkawB
New Abirem/Afosu Senior HighBirim NorthNew AbiremC
Aperade Senior High/TechBirim SouthAkim AperadeB
Achiase Senior HighBirim SouthAchiaseB
Akim Swedru Senior HighBirim SouthAkim SwedruC
Presby Senior High, BegoroFanteakwaBegoroB
New Nsutam Senior High/TechFanteakwaNew NsutamC
Osino Presby Senior High/TechFanteakwaOsinoC
Kade Senior High/TechKwaebibiremKadeB
Asuom Senior HighKwaebibiremAsuomC
Islamic Girls Senior High,SuhumSuhum MunicipalKorase-SuhumB
Suhum Senior High/TechSuhum MunicipalSuhumB
Presby Senior High, SuhumSuhum MunicipalSuhumC
Asesewa Senior High SchoolUpper Manya KroboAsesewaC
Kwaobaah Nyanoa Comm. Senior
Upper West AkimNyanoaC
Adeiso Presby Senior HighUpper West AkimAdeisoC
Asamankese Senior HighWest Akim MunicipalAsamankeseB
St. Thomas Senior High/TechWest Akim MunicipalAsamankeseC
Klo-Agogo Senior HighYilo KroboKlo-AgogoC
Yilo Krobo Senior High/ComYilo KroboSomanyaC
Akokoaso Senior High/TechAkyemansaAkim AkokoasoC
Ayirebi Senior HighAkyemansaAyirebiC
S.D.A. Senior High. AtiwaAkim SekyereC

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