SHS CSSPS Placement Checker Pricing

SHS CSSPS Placement Checker Pricing

SHS CSSPS Placement Checker Pricing at Monicliq

Buy CSSPS Placement Checker At GHS 7 Via Mobile Money ;

  1. Dial mobile money short code (*170#)
  2. Select Momo pay & pay bill
  3. Select Pay bill
  4. Select General payment
  5. Answer the prompts as indicated
  • Payment Code: monicliq
  • Amount: 7GHC (see here for bulk pricing)
  • Reference: SHS (see notes)

You will be prompted also to provide your MTN mobile money pin in order to authorize the transaction.

  • The Result check voucher will be sent via SMS once payment is confirmed.
  • The SMS will be sent to the number from with the transaction was initiated.
  • To send the SMS to an alternate number the reference should be “SHS ##########” Where ########## is the number the SMS should go to. Please not the space between the supa and the phone number

Ordinary Mobile money number (All networks)

 1 -4 pcs : 7 GHC each
5-49 pcs: 6 GHC each
50+pcs: 5.5GHC each

How do I check my Cssps placement?

  1. Obtain a placement pin code from an approved vendor.
  2. After obtaining a PINCODE login via
  3. Enter the ten-digit Index Number and add 21 as year of completion. …
  4. Enter the pin code details (Serial Number and PIN)
  5. Tap on submit and wait for placement to show up.

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